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University of Vaasa boosts the diversification of biogas use in Ostrobothnia

The University of Vaasa is beginning to study the possibilities of utilizing biogas and removing obstacles and bottlenecks that limit the increase in the use of biogas in Ostrobothnia. The research project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).



Kvarken region's new electric aviation project secured EU funding

University of Vaasa and other actors in the Kvarken region have been granted funding for a major development project regarding electric aviation – FAIR, Finding Innovations to Accelerate Implementation of Electric Regional Aviation. The funding was granted via the Interreg Botnia-Atlantica programme.



Multidisciplinary discussion and networking – the new PhD Club of the University of Vaasa was launched

The PhD Club of the University of Vaasa was launched on Tuesday, May 20th. The new club gathered a number of the university's PhD holders across Finland via a remote connection.



Harri Jalonen appointed Professor of Social and Health Management at the University of Vaasa

Doctor of Philosophy Harri Jalonen has been appointed the new Professor of Social and Health Management at the University of Vaasa. He will take up the post at the beginning of August.



University of Vaasa to become a member of the European network of leading distributed energy laboratories

The FREESI smart grid laboratory of the University of Vaasa's VEBIC research platform has been approved as member of DERlab, an international network of leading research laboratories focusing on distributed energy resources. In addition to the University of Vaasa, the network has 36 members, including universities and research institutions particularly from Europe, but also from around the world.



University entrance exams to be replaced by alternative admissions procedures this spring

The Finnish universities have concluded that, due to the coronavirus situation, organising traditional entrance examinations is not possible without compromising the safety of those involved. What makes guaranteeing safety impossible is the severity of the pandemic, the difficulty of identifying those at a higher risk for serious illness, as well as the risks associated with the examination situation itself.



Dissertation: Who controls the future of welfare services? – Decision-making inclusion is determined by people's wallets

According to statistics, 10 percent of citizens – people who are the most unwell – use the vast majority, more than 80 percent, of welfare services. However, these people do not have much say in welfare decision-making. The ability to exercise influence is increasingly linked with assets and being active, reveals Hanna-Kaisa Pernaa's doctoral dissertation in Social and Health Management.



Jari Kuusisto appointed rector of University of Vaasa until year-end 2020

The board of University of Vaasa has appointed Jari Kuusisto rector of University of Vaasa for term 1.1.2021–31.12.2022. Kuusisto has been working as rector since June 2015: first on interim basis, and then appointed for the current term 1.2.2017-31.12.2020.