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Suvi Karirinne to head VEBIC research platform at University of Vaasa

Doctor of Science Suvi Karirinne, 46, has been appointed Director of the Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre VEBIC research platform of the University of Vaasa. VEBIC is an open multidisciplinary research and innovation platform focused on energy and sustainable development. Karirinne will take up her duties on 19 November 2018.



Dissertation: Blending two low quality fuels enhances fuel blend properties

Biodiesel is known to be challenging fuel. Blending it with high-sulphuric fossil diesel leads to a win-win situation; the oxidation stability of biodiesel enhances while the total sulphur content decreases. The latter is beneficial for the environment. “For environmental reasons, the sulphur content of fuels has been reduced for several years. The chemical properties of sulphur seem to enhance the stability of biodiesels. The sulphur has the same role in plants and living beings but the...



VEBIC's energy laboratory inaugurated – shared investment in energy research brings expertise and competitive edge to Finland

The University of Vaasa, the public sector, and local industries made a significant shared investment, amounting to millions of euros, in energy research, and this investment is now starting to yield results. The new energy laboratory complex of the University of Vaasa's VEBIC research platform was inaugurated today in Vaasa.



VEBIC's engine laboratory starts operating

The engine laboratory of the University of Vaasa’s VEBIC platform has started operations. The installations of the engine laboratory were completed at the turn of the year.



University of Vaasa is looking for a new director of VEBIC

University of Vaasa is looking for a new director of Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre VEBIC. The University and the director of VEBIC Krish Sankaran have mutually agreed to part ways. The recruiting process of a new director has started as of March 5, 2018.



Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC) searching for a new director

University of Vaasa is looking for a new director of VEBIC, the multi-disciplinary research and innovation platform in the field of energy production, energy business and sustainable development.



Dr. Krish Sankaran appointed as director of Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre

Doctor of Sciences, Krish Sankaran has been appointed as director of Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC). –It is both a great honour and unique opportunity to build VEBIC into a "Centre for Excellence" in Energy Technology and Innovation. The University of Vaasa is excellently positioned to host such a multidisciplinary research platform in collaboration with the regional, national, and European energy cluster industrial and research partners, says Sankaran.



HERCULES-2 gets EU Horizon 2020 funding

Professor of Energy Technology Seppo Niemi's HERCULES-2 project is the first project in the University of Vaasa to get a large funding from EU’s Horizon 2020 program. – University of Vaasa gets 1,5 million euros EU funding for the project, tells professor Niemi in October's Research News. HERCULES-2 project is targeting at a fuel-flexible large marine engine, optimally adaptive to its operating environment.