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Dissertation: Bureaucratic ambition drives decision-makers to make zero decisions

Decision-makers are prepared to make entirely meaningless decisions on account of their own bureaucratic ambition, reveals Tapio Alho's doctoral dissertation in Industrial Management.



Social Banks Rely on Their Motivated Investors

The main reason for the existence of social banks is to fund other social enterprises. On that basis, Simon Cornée from the University of Rennes 1, Panu Kalmi from the University of Vaasa and Ariane Szafarz from the Université Libre de Bruxelles propose that social banks can operate profitably and still lend to their borrowers at attractive interest rates when their owners and depositors accept lower returns on their investments.



Dissertation: Hazardous waste or edible food? Retailers should make a bigger effort in reducing bread waste

More drive and novel and creative solutions are needed in retailing to tackle bread waste. Lotta Alhonnoro, M.Sc. (Econ), who will defend her dissertation at the University of Vaasa on Friday, 28 February, encourages grocery stores to reduce waste by making the most of technology, marketing methods and staff engagement.



Arto Ojala becomes professor of international business at University of Vaasa

Arto Ojala, Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), has been appointed professor of international business at the University of Vaasa. He took up his post on 1 February.



Major rise in interest towards international Master's programmes

The University of Vaasa's international Master's programmes attracted applicants from all over the world. The Master's programmes received a total of 1,137 applications from 63 countries, creating an overwhelming increase of 36% compared to last year (2019: 837). The applicants are particularly interested in the quality of education and Finnish study culture.



Dissertation: New regional development model from University of Vaasa is helping public sector innovation activities in Ostrobothnia and in Europe

What role should public organisations play in innovation activities? Forthcoming dissertation by Antti Mäenpää is looking at the role of public organisations as innovation agents. Current European regional development strategy, Smart specialisation, is suggesting that public organisations should step up their game in regional innovation activities and look for new solutions, which are based on the new use of current regional activities.



The need for demand-side management of electricity increases – piloted marketplace would enhance the use of demand-side resources

University of Vaasa and VTT are collaborating to develop a new real-time marketplace for demand-side management of electricity. The marketplace would solve some challenges brought about by the energy revolution by enhancing the use of demand-side resources. At the same time, it would enable giving consumers a more active role on the energy market than they currently have.



Dissertation: Municipality client criteria can raise the threshold of care for older people

Laura Perttola’s doctoral thesis in Public Law deals with the legal conditions for access to care services for older people in Finland. It focuses on procedural provisions for granting the services and on the implementation of the provisions in the light of municipal application directives.