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Dissertation: Open Source Platform Development as an Enabler of Wireless Automation

Wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSNs) have experienced a rapid development during the last 15 years. The early ideas about miniaturized smart dust have diversified to several application areas. Among them is wireless automation, which has high commercial expectations. The creation of standards, like WirelessHART and ISA 100.11a, has enabled a wider adaption of wireless automation. WSNs have also important role in the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet,...



Dissertation: A new mathematical model for option pricing captures tail behavior

Dr. Foad Shokrollahi's doctoral thesis in Mathematics proposes different generalizations and applications of the fractional Black-Scholes and mixed fractional Black-Scholes models to evaluate several types of options in financial markets.



Dissertation: Significant career events support doctors and nurses in their growth as a leader

Hospitals need motivated leaders. According to Stiina Vistbacka´s doctoral thesis, hospital organizations can support individual growth as a leader by providing developmental career events and strengthening the motivation to lead. Based on interviews of chief physicians and head nurses Vistbacka identifies preliminary types of growth narratives that she calls “the five prototypes”.



Dissertation: Cooperation between universities and companies is a joint learning process

Research cooperation between universities and companies is often seen as a source of innovation and growth in the competitiveness of enterprises. However, only a small part of the results of joint research between companies and universities emerge as commercial products or services. A dissertation published at the University of Vaasa presents perspectives and practices whereby universities and companies can make their joint research productive and mutually beneficial.



Dissertation: The customer has become a resourceful consultant for companies – these factors enhance value co-creation

Co-creation, which means improving and developing products and services in collaboration with customers, has significantly changed the product and service development of companies. In his doctoral dissertation in the field of industrial management, Balaji Gopalan has studied which attributes can facilitate value co-creation.



Kvarken enters the space age – Space economy project lead by University of Vaasa receives EU funding of nearly EUR 2 million

The University of Vaasa, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Umeå University, Luleå University of Technology and six other universities and institutes from Finland and Sweden are co-establishing Kvarken Space Center, an innovation centre for space economy. In addition to developing innovations, the centre will be launching its own small satellite into space and deploying a ground station for satellite data. A funding of EUR 1.86 million has been received from the EU Interreg...



Dissertation: Diagnosing your health with a wrist band? Machine intelligence could make this happen

"Imagine if you could diagnose your heart with your watch? It would be like having a stethoscope on your wrist. Not just counting heartbeats as sport tracking devices do, but actually listening to your heart sound and analysing its condition – just like a doctor would do. New eHealth technology could save lives."



Dissertation: Open innovation needs rules and reliable partners – avoid the risks of knowledge leaking

R&D-intensive firms, especially in the pharmaceutical and ICT industries, face continuous pressure to produce new innovations and patents in order to survive and compete in the market. One of the solutions has been to lower costs by collaborating openly or partnering with other companies. However, according to Afnan Zafar’s doctoral dissertation, the cheapest way to be competitive is not always the best.