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Dissertation: Network contracting companies in profitability crisis – the purchasing power of network companies is overwhelming

According to M.Sc (Tech) Aappo Kontu's doctoral thesis in the field of industrial management, industrial service companies in the electrical and telecom network sectors are facing a profitability crisis. The profitability of their customers, i.e., companies that own electrical and telecom networks, has, on the other hand, remained strong and their performance has improved.



The University of Vaasa recruited new Tenure track professors

The University of Vaasa has strengthened its scientific research by recruiting new talented researchers for Tenure Track positions. Tenure Track is a career path for researchers that enables progressing through regular evaluations to the position of a full professor.



Dissertation: Wireless Technologies Solve Problems

Wireless sensor networks are effective and low-cost solution for collecting data. According to Caner Çuhac’s doctoral thesis at the University of Vaasa, they can provide solutions such as measuring solar power in the energy research, human detection for military purposes and detecting faults in agricultural machines.



The University of Vaasa's digital economy research secures top women of digital industry as mentors – new advisory board kicks off

The University of Vaasa and its Digital Economy research platform are about to get support for developing their research and operations from influencers of business and society. Digital industry leaders from different business fields have been invited to the new advisory board of the Digital Economy research platform. The members of the board are Chief Digital Officer Anni Ronkainen from Kesko, Director, EU Government Relations Corinna Schulze from SAP, Managing Director Finland and Baltics...



Dissertation: Renewable energy technologies are in desperate need of commercialization

According to a new doctoral study from the University of Vaasa, the commercialization of renewable energy technologies can be enhanced by having supportive energy policies, strengthening collaboration between institutions, and increasing the level of environmental awareness.



Dissertation: Open Source Platform Development as an Enabler of Wireless Automation

Wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSNs) have experienced a rapid development during the last 15 years. The early ideas about miniaturized smart dust have diversified to several application areas. Among them is wireless automation, which has high commercial expectations. The creation of standards, like WirelessHART and ISA 100.11a, has enabled a wider adaption of wireless automation. WSNs have also important role in the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet,...



Dissertation: A new mathematical model for option pricing captures tail behavior

Dr. Foad Shokrollahi's doctoral thesis in Mathematics proposes different generalizations and applications of the fractional Black-Scholes and mixed fractional Black-Scholes models to evaluate several types of options in financial markets.



Dissertation: Significant career events support doctors and nurses in their growth as a leader

Hospitals need motivated leaders. According to Stiina Vistbacka´s doctoral thesis, hospital organizations can support individual growth as a leader by providing developmental career events and strengthening the motivation to lead. Based on interviews of chief physicians and head nurses Vistbacka identifies preliminary types of growth narratives that she calls “the five prototypes”.