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Dissertation: New regional development model from University of Vaasa is helping public sector innovation activities in Ostrobothnia and in Europe

What role should public organisations play in innovation activities? Forthcoming dissertation by Antti Mäenpää is looking at the role of public organisations as innovation agents. Current European regional development strategy, Smart specialisation, is suggesting that public organisations should step up their game in regional innovation activities and look for new solutions, which are based on the new use of current regional activities.



Dissertation: Municipality client criteria can raise the threshold of care for older people

Laura Perttola’s doctoral thesis in Public Law deals with the legal conditions for access to care services for older people in Finland. It focuses on procedural provisions for granting the services and on the implementation of the provisions in the light of municipal application directives.



Doctoral dissertation: Young engineers don't really think about their employer's expectations: if I don't get varied tasks, I'll leave

What's in it for me? The question describes well what young engineers think about their rights and obligations towards their employer. This emerges from Roger Nylund's doctoral dissertation in the field of management, where he explored the thoughts of young engineers in relation to their work and their employer from a psychological contract perspective.



Dissertation: Public and privatised primary health care services homogeneous – tools needed to identify invisible costs

Customers found the quality of services outsourced to private health centres and of those provided by public-sector health centres to be homogenous, reveals a new doctoral dissertation from the University of Vaasa. However, local authorities are unable to estimate the amount of invisible costs associated with public provision of health care services or with their outsourcing.



The University of Vaasa recruited new Tenure track professors

The University of Vaasa has strengthened its scientific research by recruiting new talented researchers for Tenure Track positions. Tenure Track is a career path for researchers that enables progressing through regular evaluations to the position of a full professor.



First double bachelor degree at University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa has signed its first double bachelor degree agreement. The agreement is with the University of Economics in Prague and their International Business Programme.



Dissertation: The regional reform of health care and social services will not succeed without common goals: "Value networks require Creative Governance"

Although the previous Finnish government's plan to reform health care and social services fell through, the need for reform – for client-oriented, better-organised health care and social welfare services – has not gone anywhere. Kari Lappalainen MSc (Econ.), MSc (Admin.), tackles this issue in his doctoral dissertation on public administration. He proposes the tool of a Creative Governance model, which can enable the administration and development of value networks for the regional...



University of Vaasa hosts two academic conferences next week

Two academic conferences, 15th Vaasa Conference on International Business and Nordic Academy of Management 2019, will take place at the University of Vaasa campus next week.