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Dissertation: The regional reform of health care and social services will not succeed without common goals: "Value networks require Creative Governance"

Although the previous Finnish government's plan to reform health care and social services fell through, the need for reform – for client-oriented, better-organised health care and social welfare services – has not gone anywhere. Kari Lappalainen MSc (Econ.), MSc (Admin.), tackles this issue in his doctoral dissertation on public administration. He proposes the tool of a Creative Governance model, which can enable the administration and development of value networks for the regional...



University of Vaasa hosts two academic conferences next week

Two academic conferences, 15th Vaasa Conference on International Business and Nordic Academy of Management 2019, will take place at the University of Vaasa campus next week.



Christoph Demmke new Professor in Public Management

Christoph Demmke has been appointed new Professor in Public Management at the University of Vaasa. He took his post as Professor in Vaasa earlier this week.



Dissertation: Skiving from youth homes can lead to criminality or victimhood – investments are required in prevention and debriefing

Unauthorised absences (“skiving”) among institutionalised children represent a significant risk to the safe development of children. According to Sami Isoniemi's doctoral dissertation, at least one in ten children fall victims to crimes during unauthorised absences in Finland, and almost one in three commit crimes. At present, the police and other bodies do not seek active collaboration to prevent such absences. The doctoral dissertation proposes changes to the guidelines and practices used...



Dissertation: Freedom of choice can increase the quality of social welfare and healthcare services – experiences from Finland and Sweden

Freedom of choice in social welfare and healthcare services has the potential to improve service users' empowerment and to increase the quality of the services. This is suggested by the findings of the doctoral dissertation by Mats Brandt, Licentiate of Political Sciences.



The University of Vaasa awarded Research Act and Teaching Act of the Year 2018

The University of Vaasa granted the Research Act and Teaching Act awards of last year in the anniversary ceremony on Monday 28th of January. Research Act of the Year 2018 award was granted to Professors Vesa Suutari and Liisa Mäkelä and Assistant Professor Olivier Wurtz from the School of Management. Associate Professor Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen and University Teacher Olli Raatikainen from the School of Marketing and Communication received Teaching Act of the Year 2015 award.



Global career mobility interests at the University – researchers in the GLOMO project study the wellbeing and career success of expatriates

The international GLOMO project has selected Tania Biswas and Rodrigo de Melo to University of Vaasa as project researchers. As a part of the international research project, they study global mobility from the viewpoints of wellbeing and success.



The University of Vaasa launches career paths leading to professor – first tenure track positions filled

The University of Vaasa has appointed the first researchers to tenure track positions. The tenure track procedure permits the University to offer researchers a career path that enables them to progress through regular evaluations directly to the position of a full professor.