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2019-01-01 - 2019-12-31



University of Vaasa sports are going on Christmas break!

Fall 2019 sports courses and shifts end on Thursday 19.12.2019. Spring sports shifts will commence on Tuesday 7.1.2020.



The need for demand-side management of electricity increases – piloted marketplace would enhance the use of demand-side resources

University of Vaasa and VTT are collaborating to develop a new real-time marketplace for demand-side management of electricity. The marketplace would solve some challenges brought about by the energy revolution by enhancing the use of demand-side resources. At the same time, it would enable giving consumers a more active role on the energy market than they currently have.



FSHS during Christmas

FSHS Vaasa is closed 24.12.-2019-1.1.2020.



The opening hours of Vaasa University’s buildings during Christmas

The opening hours of Vaasa University’s buildings doors during December 2019



Dissertation: Municipality client criteria can raise the threshold of care for older people

Laura Perttola’s doctoral thesis in Public Law deals with the legal conditions for access to care services for older people in Finland. It focuses on procedural provisions for granting the services and on the implementation of the provisions in the light of municipal application directives.



Dissertation: To be future-fit, businesses need to apply circular economy principles

The way we produce and consume goods heavily relies on limited natural resources and produce negative side effects such as waste and pollution. In order to become future-fit, businesses need to integrate these increasing pressures and become aligned with a circular economy blueprint, in which waste is designed out and products and materials can generate additional value by being recirculated.



University of Vaasa sports are going on Christmas break

Autumn 2019 sports courses and shifts end on Thursday 19.12.2019.



Apply now to the international Master’s programmes at the University of Vaasa

The application period for the international Master’s programmes at the University of Vaasa is now open until 24th January 2020. Six Master’s programmes in English start in autumn 2020.



Dissertation: Cultural values influence consumers' decisions to buy environmentally friendly products

Cultural values significantly influence the motivation to buy environmentally friendly products. For example, Finns buy organic food because its high price is a guarantee of quality, while Pakistanis buy it for good taste.



The parking stickers will be renewed

The new parking stickers for the student of the University of Vaasa will come into force when the new year 2020 begins.



Dissertation: Network contracting companies in profitability crisis – the purchasing power of network companies is overwhelming

According to M.Sc (Tech) Aappo Kontu's doctoral thesis in the field of industrial management, industrial service companies in the electrical and telecom network sectors are facing a profitability crisis. The profitability of their customers, i.e., companies that own electrical and telecom networks, has, on the other hand, remained strong and their performance has improved.



Doctoral dissertation: Young engineers don't really think about their employer's expectations: if I don't get varied tasks, I'll leave

What's in it for me? The question describes well what young engineers think about their rights and obligations towards their employer. This emerges from Roger Nylund's doctoral dissertation in the field of management, where he explored the thoughts of young engineers in relation to their work and their employer from a psychological contract perspective.



Dissertation: Public and privatised primary health care services homogeneous – tools needed to identify invisible costs

Customers found the quality of services outsourced to private health centres and of those provided by public-sector health centres to be homogenous, reveals a new doctoral dissertation from the University of Vaasa. However, local authorities are unable to estimate the amount of invisible costs associated with public provision of health care services or with their outsourcing.



University floorball shift has been cancelled for December

The University of Vaasa floorball shift on Thursdays from 4 pm to 5 pm is over for the year.



Have you answered the FSHS electrical health questionnaire?

Hi first year student! Have you answered the FSHS electrical health questionnaire?



Students Learning Café

Hello student! Do you want to influence what the University of Vaasa campus will look like in the future?



University sports Black Friday sale

Now you have the opportunity to purchase academic year 2019–2020 sports sticker as a Black Friday special sale!



The University of Vaasa recruited new Tenure track professors

The University of Vaasa has strengthened its scientific research by recruiting new talented researchers for Tenure Track positions. Tenure Track is a career path for researchers that enables progressing through regular evaluations to the position of a full professor.



Dissertation: Small investors' Google searches are linked to subsequent stock market returns

Google searches can indicate investors' market sentiment and, thereby, also forecast market development. Antti Klemola, M.Sc. (Econ.), reveals in his doctoral thesis that small investors' Google searches are linked to future stock market returns.



The opening hours for EXAM-room for November and December

The opening hours for the end of the year and extra hours for the Saturday's opening hours.



The Week of Well-being raffle

During the week of well-being, 28.10.–1.11.2019, you could collect stamps in your week of well-being pass. Stamps could be acquired from all of the week of well-being activities.



Dissertation: Wireless Technologies Solve Problems

Wireless sensor networks are effective and low-cost solution for collecting data. According to Caner Çuhac’s doctoral thesis at the University of Vaasa, they can provide solutions such as measuring solar power in the energy research, human detection for military purposes and detecting faults in agricultural machines.



The University of Vaasa's digital economy research secures top women of digital industry as mentors – new advisory board kicks off

The University of Vaasa and its Digital Economy research platform are about to get support for developing their research and operations from influencers of business and society. Digital industry leaders from different business fields have been invited to the new advisory board of the Digital Economy research platform. The members of the board are Chief Digital Officer Anni Ronkainen from Kesko, Director, EU Government Relations Corinna Schulze from SAP, Managing Director Finland and Baltics...



Dissertation: Research on ISAs is increasing

Researchers are increasingly focusing on International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), and prior research suggests that ISAs are as essential as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for developing global business reporting language. Furthermore, International Standards on Auditing are guiding the future of auditing. “The role of the ISAs is important because ISAs improve the quality of auditing and hence, the quality of financial information”, says M.Sc. Elina Haapamäki, who...



Choose stairs!

The meaning of daily mundane workplace exercise is far greater than a more intense bout of sporting exercise. Workplace exercise effects throughout the day. So choose the stairs!



Study Abroad 2020-2021

Application period for exchange studies outside Europe for academic year 2020-2021 is on 4.11.-22.11.2019.



Dissertation: Renewable energy technologies are in desperate need of commercialization

According to a new doctoral study from the University of Vaasa, the commercialization of renewable energy technologies can be enhanced by having supportive energy policies, strengthening collaboration between institutions, and increasing the level of environmental awareness.



Week of Well-being schedule

This year the event will be held in week 44 between Monday 28.10. and Friday 1.11. and the theme of the week is mental well-being.



First double bachelor degree at University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa has signed its first double bachelor degree agreement. The agreement is with the University of Economics in Prague and their International Business Programme.



1 year’s WSC membership for 49€ a month with the Academic year sports sticker

For those who have purchased the whole academic year’s sticker there is opportunity to purchase 1 year full membership to Wasa Sports Club for 49€ a month (normal student price 69 € a month, same offer is valid for staff as well).



Become a researcher!

The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa is looking for motivated, talented and research-oriented students to its doctoral programmes.



World’s Mental Health Day 10.10.

World’s Mental Health Day is on 10th of October. Vaasa FSHS is in Vasa University on Wednesday 9th of October between 11 and 13.



International Day

On Monday, October 7th from 11am to 1pm, our international exchange students will present their home universtities and home countries in Mathildan aula (Tervahovi)



The week of well-being 2019

The well-being week of the University of Vaasa will be organized during week 44 (28.10.–1.11.2019).



The University of Vaasa will start cooperation with the Yrityskylä

The University of Vaasa will start a three-year cooperation with the Yrityskylä learning environment for sixth-graders in Vaasa in this autumn. The University wants to be involved in an active and responsible interaction with society.



Remember: Blood donation on Monday 30.9. from 10 to 14

Finnish Red Cross is organizing blood donation service at the University on Monday 6th May from 10 to 14, at Fabriikki building F140 and F141.



Digitalisation Academy – Apply for the next program before 2nd of October 2019!

Digitalisation Academy is a program for students in their final year at VAMK, Novia and University of Vaasa. Master’s degree students can also apply!



Remember to buy your sports sticker 2019-2020

The free trial period of the university sports services has ended.



Dissertation: Open Source Platform Development as an Enabler of Wireless Automation

Wireless sensor and actuator networks (WSNs) have experienced a rapid development during the last 15 years. The early ideas about miniaturized smart dust have diversified to several application areas. Among them is wireless automation, which has high commercial expectations. The creation of standards, like WirelessHART and ISA 100.11a, has enabled a wider adaption of wireless automation. WSNs have also important role in the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet,...



”We need solutions to fight climate change” – Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum combines naturefilms and science 26.–28.9.2019

Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum will be held in Vaasa from 26th to 28th of September 2019. This brand new, three-day event combines a scientific conference, science and nature films, and discussion forums. It brings worldwide knowledge, especially from the Nordic context, to Vaasa.



Interest groups, ministries and researchers participating in a unique project: Is there any common understanding on climate change?

Public debate on climate change divides people, but less time is spent on reflecting what combines everyone in the change. What causes excitement in major corporations, politics and citizens, what prevents taking action? Is there any common understanding on climate change apart from conflicts?



Blood donation at the University on Monday 30.9. from 10 to 14

Finnish Red Cross is organizing blood donation service at the University on Monday 6th May from 10 to 14, at Fabriikki building F140 and F141.



Download free student card Pivo now

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa started a student card collaboration with Pivo on the 1st of August 2019 and the digital student card is completely free for VYY's members to use.



Have you answered the FSHS electrical health questionnaire?

First year student, have you answered the FSHS electrical health questionnaire (Sätky)?



How to tackle climate change? New event at the University of Vaasa combines nature films and science (26-28 September)

Climate change poses an immediate and long-term threat to people and our planet. What can we do about it? All the students of the University of Vaasa are welcome to join a brand new, three day event in Vaasa that combines nature films and science: Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum, 26th-28th of September.



University Sports shifts have commenced

The University of Vaasa sports shifts have commenced this week and you can participate without a fee until 15.9.



From 1 September 2019 onwards, the selling of café and kiosk products to students will be subject to value-added tax at Juvenes restaurants and cafés

The Finnish Tax Administration has released new guidelines for VAT on education services:



Declaration of Freshmen Peace

VYY's Board wishes everyone a happy new academic year and declares Freshmen's Peace.



News from electronic exam software EXAM

We have updated the EXAM software during the summer. In this message, you will get information concerning the new/important content that this version includes. More information you will find from university’s website EXAM-instructions.



Rector Jari Kuusisto's speech at the Uni­versity’s open­ing ce­re­mony: We will increasingly promote sustainability

Rector Jari Kuusisto promised in his speech at the opening ceremony of the academic year that the University of Vaasa's research, teaching, campus development and other activities will increasingly promote sustainability.



Changes in Tritonia’s loans procedures and new features in Finna

During summer, Tritonia has adopted the open source library system Koha, as the thirteenth academic library in Finland. The user interface for the new library system will also in future be Tritonia Finna, and customers will benefit from new features in Finna and changes in library loans procedures.



Dissertation: Don’t forget design: design boosts innovations

Firms that utilize design deeply in their innovation processes are 20 % more likely to develop a market novelty and almost 8 % to a world novelty than firms who don’t use design in any systematic way. Carita Eklund, M.Sc. (Econ & Bus. Adm.), examined in her doctoral dissertation how design and design thinking affect the innovation process.



FITech studies in the autumn

Try something new this fall!



Registration for the Language Center courses in WebOOdi

Registration for the Language Centre courses held in the autumn term is going on in WebOodi 22.8. – 5.9.



Dissertation: The regional reform of health care and social services will not succeed without common goals: "Value networks require Creative Governance"

Although the previous Finnish government's plan to reform health care and social services fell through, the need for reform – for client-oriented, better-organised health care and social welfare services – has not gone anywhere. Kari Lappalainen MSc (Econ.), MSc (Admin.), tackles this issue in his doctoral dissertation on public administration. He proposes the tool of a Creative Governance model, which can enable the administration and development of value networks for the regional...



University of Vaasa hosts two academic conferences next week

Two academic conferences, 15th Vaasa Conference on International Business and Nordic Academy of Management 2019, will take place at the University of Vaasa campus next week.



Studying in summer 2019

You can proceed with your studies by completing courses during summer as well.



Christoph Demmke new Professor in Public Management

Christoph Demmke has been appointed new Professor in Public Management at the University of Vaasa. He took his post as Professor in Vaasa earlier this week.



Nordic Academy of Management Conference (Aug 22-24 in Vaasa) is looking for volunteers

The 25th Nordic Academy of Management conference is organized in Vaasa during 22.-24.08.2019. We are expecting nearly 300 participants all over the Nordics. To ensure a fluent and unforgettable conference for all participants, we need volunteers to assist us with the conference!



Heidi Kuusniemi appointed Professor of Computer Science

Heidi Kuusniemi, director of University of Vaasa Digital Economy research platform has been appointed Professor of Computer Science at the University of Vaasa.



Membership fee entitles you to use FSHS services

Please notice that you can use the FSHS’s services, when you have paid your student union membership fee.



Juvenes restaurants during summer 2019

Restaurant Alere serves under summertime mon-fri at 11.00-13.00.



How to act on climate change? - The Vaasa Climate Change Conference combines science and nature films 26–28 September 2019

Vaasa Climate Change Conference & Networking Forum will be held in Vaasa from 26th to 28th of September 2019. This brand new, three-day event combines a scientific conference, science and nature films, and discussion forums. It brings worldwide knowledge, especially from the Nordic context, to Vaasa.



Dissertation: A new mathematical model for option pricing captures tail behavior

Dr. Foad Shokrollahi's doctoral thesis in Mathematics proposes different generalizations and applications of the fractional Black-Scholes and mixed fractional Black-Scholes models to evaluate several types of options in financial markets.



The University of Vaasa Master’s Degree Programme in Finance welcomed into CFA Institute University Affiliation Program

Students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Finance taking steps to career success through preparation for the CFA Program.



Dissertation: Skiving from youth homes can lead to criminality or victimhood – investments are required in prevention and debriefing

Unauthorised absences (“skiving”) among institutionalised children represent a significant risk to the safe development of children. According to Sami Isoniemi's doctoral dissertation, at least one in ten children fall victims to crimes during unauthorised absences in Finland, and almost one in three commit crimes. At present, the police and other bodies do not seek active collaboration to prevent such absences. The doctoral dissertation proposes changes to the guidelines and practices used...



Dissertation: Freedom of choice can increase the quality of social welfare and healthcare services – experiences from Finland and Sweden

Freedom of choice in social welfare and healthcare services has the potential to improve service users' empowerment and to increase the quality of the services. This is suggested by the findings of the doctoral dissertation by Mats Brandt, Licentiate of Political Sciences.



Dissertation: Significant career events support doctors and nurses in their growth as a leader

Hospitals need motivated leaders. According to Stiina Vistbacka´s doctoral thesis, hospital organizations can support individual growth as a leader by providing developmental career events and strengthening the motivation to lead. Based on interviews of chief physicians and head nurses Vistbacka identifies preliminary types of growth narratives that she calls “the five prototypes”.



Dissertation: Cooperation between universities and companies is a joint learning process

Research cooperation between universities and companies is often seen as a source of innovation and growth in the competitiveness of enterprises. However, only a small part of the results of joint research between companies and universities emerge as commercial products or services. A dissertation published at the University of Vaasa presents perspectives and practices whereby universities and companies can make their joint research productive and mutually beneficial.



Dissertation: When a fitness class is not just an exercise – trademark boosts the fitness business

What is the difference between a regular fitness class at the local adult education centre, BodyPump by Les Mills, Zumba and Crossfit? The latter are internationally spread, known and professionally productised fitness services that are sold and marketed under trademarks. The trademarks are recognised even by many of those who prefer to do their workout outside gyms and fitness centres.



Dissertation: The customer has become a resourceful consultant for companies – these factors enhance value co-creation

Co-creation, which means improving and developing products and services in collaboration with customers, has significantly changed the product and service development of companies. In his doctoral dissertation in the field of industrial management, Balaji Gopalan has studied which attributes can facilitate value co-creation.



Kvarken enters the space age – Space economy project lead by University of Vaasa receives EU funding of nearly EUR 2 million

The University of Vaasa, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Umeå University, Luleå University of Technology and six other universities and institutes from Finland and Sweden are co-establishing Kvarken Space Center, an innovation centre for space economy. In addition to developing innovations, the centre will be launching its own small satellite into space and deploying a ground station for satellite data. A funding of EUR 1.86 million has been received from the EU Interreg...



University of Vaasa appoints Harri Salmela as Director of Finance

Master of Economics Harri Salmela, 48, has been appointed as the new Director of Finance of the University of Vaasa. He will take up his duties on 17 June 2019.



FITech invites tech students to SHIFT Business Festival

The SHIFT business festival takes places in Turku 29th–30th of August. This is a great opportunity especially for international students to network!



Kettlebell exercises on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the grass field next to Tritonia

The University of Vaasa sports is organizing kettlebell exercises on the grass field next to Tritonia Library. Exercises are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.15 pm to 5.15 pm. Exercises will continue to June 20th. The instructors are from Wasamove.



Collaboration in Vaasa to grow into a national model – University of Vaasa to develop Digitalisation Academy

Digitalisation Academy, a programme set up to tackle the shortage of people with digital expertise in the EnergyVaasa cluster, gets a boost from the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The multidisciplinary InnoLab research platform hosted by the University of Vaasa has received a grant from the Ministry for developing, standardising, conceptualising and expanding the operating model.



Wednesday workout during the summer

Wednesday workout at Wasa Sports Club continues in summer!



South Ostrobothnia Regional Fund awarded grants to University of Vaasa PhD students

The South Ostrobothnia Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded grants to nine University of Vaasa PhD students.



Co-operative values and principles I (3.6.-14.7.2019)

The course is free of charge to the students of the CNS university network.



Dissertation: Diagnosing your health with a wrist band? Machine intelligence could make this happen

"Imagine if you could diagnose your heart with your watch? It would be like having a stethoscope on your wrist. Not just counting heartbeats as sport tracking devices do, but actually listening to your heart sound and analysing its condition – just like a doctor would do. New eHealth technology could save lives."



University of Vaasa Sports services are coming to a close

University of Vaasa Sports services are closing down for the summer. Last day of activities will be held on Sunday the 28th the latest.



Talent coastline: Work it out -event

Friday 26th of April at 15 in Kurtén Auditorium



Blood donation at the University on Monday 6.5. from 10 to 14

Finnish Red Cross is organizing blood donation service at the University on Monday 6th May from 10 to 14, at Fabriikki building F140 and F141.



Several scholarships granted for doctoral research

The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa granted several scholarships on Wednesday 24th of April, donated by Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation and Vaasa University Foundation.



Dissertation: Open innovation needs rules and reliable partners – avoid the risks of knowledge leaking

R&D-intensive firms, especially in the pharmaceutical and ICT industries, face continuous pressure to produce new innovations and patents in order to survive and compete in the market. One of the solutions has been to lower costs by collaborating openly or partnering with other companies. However, according to Afnan Zafar’s doctoral dissertation, the cheapest way to be competitive is not always the best.



Kettlebell exercise begin on Tuesday 23.4.

The University of Vaasa sports is organizing kettlebell exercises on the grass field behind Tritonia library. Exercises are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.15 pm to 5.15 pm. The instructors are from Wasamove.



Digitally-signed study certificates in WebOodi

If you are a registered student at the University of Vaasa, you can now order an official digitally-signed transcript of records and study certificate from WebOodi (Tools-menu - Study certificates).



FITech courses and modules

FITech (Finnish Institute of Technology, is a network of universities of technology.



ERIK2001 EU Energy Law and Policy (5 ECTS)

The Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki organizes an intensive course, ERIK2001 EU Energy Law and Policy on 29.4.-3.5. 2019 in its premises in Vaasa, Pitkäkatu 28-30 (Tammipiha 4th floor), room 405.



Day of Well-Being 10.4.

The University of Vaasa and The University of Vaasa’s Student association are organizing a day of well-being. The day of Well-being will be held on Wednesday April 10th from 11 am to 2.30 pm in Mathilda lobby.



Group running offer!

Running Club Wasas summer running course commence 23.4. With the University of Vaasa sports sticker you can participate in the summers running course for the reduced price of 62€. The offer is a available as long as you sign up before the end of March. Cost regularly for the course is 79€ and and 69€ for students.



Wärtsilä selected University of Vaasa as a Smart Partner Campus cooperation partner

Wärtsilä has chosen the University of Vaasa as one of its first cooperation partners for the Smart Partner Campus concept. – We are happy and proud that our cooperation with Wärtsilä deepens. Tight cooperation with the companies is part of our strategy. It is a priviledge to be part of this new Smart Partner Campus concept, says Rector Jari Kuusisto.



Tuesday 19.3. Muscle toning and Pilates are held in hall F188

Tuesday 19.3. 5-6 pm Muscle toning and 6-7 pm Pilates have been moved temporarily to Fabriikki’s 1st floor hall F118.



Fin­land’s suc­cess hinges on skills – The next gov­ern­ment will hold the fate of the coun­try in its hands

A high level of skills and their flexible development are the key strengths upon which Finland’s future welfare is built. That is why investment in education, research and innovation must become strategic focus areas for the next government. The only guarantee of Finland’s future success is ensuring the provision of sufficient funding for higher education institutions, research and skills.



Student meal BootCamp

Student meal BootCamp is a cooking class for VYY members in co-operation with FSHS and Juvenes.



Study Abroad 2019/20: Last Chance

The application period for places left to study abroad will be 27.2.-22.3.2019.



Master's Programme in Finance gets a new international double degree deal

University of Vaasa’s EPAS-accredited Master’s Degree Programme in Finance has made a new Double Degree agreement with the French IÉSEG School of Management.



Dissertation: These individuals are needed by the aviation industry to succeed: "Obedience and diligence alone are not enough"

Finnish companies in the aviation industry have practices that will help them emerge as winners from global competition, reveals Jaakko Sivusuo's doctoral dissertation in Industrial Management. Competitive advantage can arise, for example, from partnerships, productised services as well as entrepreneurial and passionate individuals.



Dissertation: Organic is the new black – organic food is a feast for reputational messages

A strong reputational symbolism encompasses organic food consumption, claims the new doctoral dissertation conducted at the University of Vaasa (Finland). Several socially valued traits such as sophistication, affluence, and unselfishness are associated to those who favour organic food. According to M.Sc.(Econ.)Petteri Puska, who will publicly defend his work on February 22nd, organic appears to be the “new black” – this insight should not be ignored by marketers, retailers, and societal...



GLOBALINTO studies the impact of intangible capital on innovation and competitiveness

The European Union has granted a funding of EUR 3 million from the Horizon 2020 programme for the GLOBALINTO project on intangible capital for the period 2019–2022. The University of Vaasa is coordinating the research project, and its share of the funding is EUR 600,000.



The University of Vaasa awarded Research Act and Teaching Act of the Year 2018

The University of Vaasa granted the Research Act and Teaching Act awards of last year in the anniversary ceremony on Monday 28th of January. Research Act of the Year 2018 award was granted to Professors Vesa Suutari and Liisa Mäkelä and Assistant Professor Olivier Wurtz from the School of Management. Associate Professor Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen and University Teacher Olli Raatikainen from the School of Marketing and Communication received Teaching Act of the Year 2015 award.



Global career mobility interests at the University – researchers in the GLOMO project study the wellbeing and career success of expatriates

The international GLOMO project has selected Tania Biswas and Rodrigo de Melo to University of Vaasa as project researchers. As a part of the international research project, they study global mobility from the viewpoints of wellbeing and success.



The University of Vaasa launches career paths leading to professor – first tenure track positions filled

The University of Vaasa has appointed the first researchers to tenure track positions. The tenure track procedure permits the University to offer researchers a career path that enables them to progress through regular evaluations directly to the position of a full professor.