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2018-01-01 - 2018-12-31



Business studies and economics the strongest research discipline in Finland - University of Vaasa the second largest contributor

The Academy of Finland's annual report on the State of Scientific Research in Finland 2018 (Tieteen tila) was published on 10 December. The report shows that the overall level of Finnish science and research when compared to world standards, continues to improve as it has done for the past few years.



Dissertation: Growth trajectories of established companies - effectuation and causation in focus

The SMEs are often mentioned as sources of growth. According to Marko Matalamäki's doctoral dissertation at the University of Vaasa, not only the start-ups but also the established companies can be successful growth companies. The established companies selecting a customer-oriented approach, seem to achieve success and growth regardless of the status in their field of operations.



Jenni Mattsson appointed as new Marketing and Communications Director

M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) Jenni Mattsson has been appointed as marketing and communication director at the University of Vaasa. She starts the new job on February 1, 2019. She will also be a member of the University of Vaasa steering group.



Dissertation: Language use in business newspapers brings to front what is praised and blamed in the community

Praising and blaming are targeted mostly to things rather than human beings in the leading articles of business newspapers. When evaluating is targeted to human beings, they are usually politicians and rarely economic actors. Behind the evaluative language use can be seen the values of the business newspapers and journalists that go along with the supposed values of readers.



Dissertation: Learning from the customer can boost your business towards international growth

Do you really know your customer needs? A new doctoral dissertation in international business at the University of Vaasa explores learning in supplier-customer relationship interactions. – It is inevitable to comprehend how and if firms learn from their relationships and interactions. Firms intending to internationalize, have to nurture relationship development capability, says Waheed Akbar Bhatti, who will defend his doctoral thesis on Thursday, 15th of November.



Two Master’s programmes in business studies receive international EPAS quality accreditation

The University of Vaasa’s international Master´s Programmes in Strategic Business Development (SBD) and International Business (MIB) have been awarded the prestigious international quality accreditation – the EFMD Programme Accreditation System, or EPAS. EPAS is an internationally recognised accreditation for programmes in business studies, which emphasizes academic rigour, practical relevance, internationalisation, and ethics and sustainability.



Dissertation: Reorganization – a slow path to go bankrupt?

According to Eija-Leena Kärkinen's doctoral dissertation, most of the firms go bankrupt during reorganization.



Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation has granted funding to eight University of Vaasa researchers

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation has granted funding to eight doctoral students and researchers of the University of Vaasa.



Honorary doctor, MIT professor Eric von Hippel visited the University of Vaasa

Honorary doctor of the University of Vaasa, professor Eric von Hippel from MIT Sloan School of Management gave a guest lecture ”Emerging User Innovation Paradigm and Free Innovation” on Friday 19th of October. Von Hippel was promoted at Conferment Ceremony in September while absent. In the beginning of his lecture, he was given a doctoral hat, doctoral sword and diploma.



Selina Liang is the new Executive Director of the Sino-Finnish Research Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation

Dr Liting (Selina) Liang has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Sino-Finnish Research Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation (the Sino-Finnish STI Centre) at the University of Vaasa.



The University of Vaasa and Vaasan Lyseo secondary school join forces – energy-themed collaboration course kicked off

A collaboration course of the University of Vaasa and Vaasan Lyseo secondary school focusing on energy and sustainable development has started with 13 secondary school students taking the course. Completing the course and secondary school compulsory mathematics courses with sufficient grades gives the students an opportunity to apply to the university's bachelor's and master's programmes in technology via a special direct channel.



Helinä Saarela appointed Dean at the University of Vaasa

D.Sc. (Econ.) Helinä Saarela, 49, has been appointed Dean of the School of Accounting and Finance at the University of Vaasa. She will take up her duties on 1 November 2018.



Suvi Karirinne to head VEBIC research platform at University of Vaasa

Doctor of Science Suvi Karirinne, 46, has been appointed Director of the Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre VEBIC research platform of the University of Vaasa. VEBIC is an open multidisciplinary research and innovation platform focused on energy and sustainable development. Karirinne will take up her duties on 19 November 2018.



New opportunity for American researchers in Vaasa – the University of Vaasa and Fulbright Finland Foundation sign a collaboration agreement

The University of Vaasa and Fulbright Finland Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement that launches the Fulbright-University of Vaasa Scholar Award scholarship programme. The agreement provides American researchers an opportunity to either conduct research or also additionally teach at the University of Vaasa.



Ceremonial Conferment to celebrate 76 new doctors

University of Vaasa will organise its fifth Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees 6-8 September 2018.



Dissertation: Some tourists simply seek home away from home while on holiday

Not all the tourists want to have experiences that are different from their everyday lives while on holiday and distance themselves from what they perceive as the typical tourist role. They simply seek a home away from home. This doesn’t only mean that they want to have the same kind of food or a pillow that resembles the one at home, but that they also want to do the same kind of leisure activities on holiday that they carry out at home.



New students arrived on campus

New students arrived on campus on Wednesday 29th of August. Studies start with the orientation days, which will last from Wednesday to Friday. During the three-day orientation new students gain information about the University, their field of study as well as academic studies. Actual studies start in the beginning of September.



Doctoral dissertation: The dieter's curse – merely thinking about the food store could lead to a lapse

Merely thinking about the food store could lead a dieter to make the wrong food choices, explains a new doctoral dissertation. What is happening if a consumer on a diet is being guided towards unhealthy food choices without being aware of it?



Professor Christer Laurén will receive the 28th Ramon Llull International Prize for Catalan Linguistics and Linguistic Diversity

The jury of the Ramon Llull International Prize has unanimously decided to grant this distinction in its modality of Linguistic Diversity to Professor Christer Laurén, theoretician in the field of language immersion. Professor Laurén has continuously contributed to the study and implementation of language immersion, the promotion of minority languages as tools of social cohesion in the educational field, and the dissemination of Catalan and international language immersion programs . He has...



Dissertation: Successful portfolio management can tackle the sustainability challenge in Finland

Finland is competing within the Nordic region to obtain a high ranking in sustainable development. According to Hosein Daneshpour’s doctoral thesis, the new portfolio management techniques could help to realize the sustainability objectives.



University in the summer 2018

There will be changes in the university office hours on the campus during the summer.



Dissertation: “Good” Corporate governance mechanisms may encourage excessive risk-taking in the banking industry

Jamshed Iqbal's doctoral dissertation titled “Essays on the Relationship between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Risk-Taking by Financial Institutions” examines the effect of corporate governance mechanisms on risk-taking by publicly traded US banks and other financial institutions. The results from Iqbal’s dissertation show that stronger corporate governance mechanisms and shareholder-friendly boards can lead to excessive risk-taking among financial institutions.



Dissertation: Blending two low quality fuels enhances fuel blend properties

Biodiesel is known to be challenging fuel. Blending it with high-sulphuric fossil diesel leads to a win-win situation; the oxidation stability of biodiesel enhances while the total sulphur content decreases. The latter is beneficial for the environment. “For environmental reasons, the sulphur content of fuels has been reduced for several years. The chemical properties of sulphur seem to enhance the stability of biodiesels. The sulphur has the same role in plants and living beings but the...



Dissertation: How to distinguish a great leader in today’s increasingly competitive world?

It has long been understood that leadership behaviour plays a crucial role in keeping employees happy and loyal, which in turn makes a direct contribution to organizational success. But, in today’s increasingly competitive world, how can a great leader be distinguished in a crowded workforce? Thanh Ha-Vikström has in her doctoral thesis introduced two novel ways to measure the effectiveness of leadership behaviour.



Dissertation: Workplace or school commitment is not always as simple as thought – New method to help measure and understand

Jarno Einolander's doctoral dissertation in industrial management examines the models and theories of organisational commitment. The research builds an ontology, or a hierarchical concept model, of holistic commitment and a method that utilises it to measure commitment and its different components in the targeted organisations. Einolander has also built an ontology to model the commitment and engagement of university students to their studies.



Dissertation: This way strategy becomes everyone’s business

Suvi Einola's doctoral dissertation focuses on the eternal Achilles’ heel of organizations: the execution of the strategy. Everyone recognizes an organization where the strategy made by the top management is dusting in the desk drawer when the other organization experiences it as verbiage or even swearword. Once in a while, the management team digs the strategy of the box drawer to find out that the targets set for it have not been met. According to the dissertation, this does not have to be...



The University of Vaasa is awarding nine honorary doctorates at its Conferment in September

The University of Vaasa is organising a Conferment Ceremony of doctoral degrees 6-8 September 2018. The University, celebrating its 50th anniversary, will award honorary doctorates to nine persons with scientific or societal merit. Conferment of honorary doctorate is the highest honour that a university can award.



Dissertation: It's all about attitude – is the shop steward an asset or a necessary evil in the private healthcare industry?

In the private healthcare industry, employees are challenged to find a shop steward from their work community. Employees do not always have enough interest in issues surrounding terms of employment or do not possess the courage. Even the employer may have a negative view on the shop steward election. One reason is that the meaning of the shop steward role in the workplace is unclear. Päivi Kukkola researched in her doctoral dissertation in social and health management how the shop steward...



Dissertation: Why do firms exit emerging markets? – Distance brings increasing costs

Companies from advanced economies are shifting their manufacturing operations to emerging economies to tap the low-cost advantages and increasing demand conditions. This strategy may be fruitful in increasing the short-term profits, but over a period of time several of the manufacturing operations are closed or sold. In his doctoral dissertation, M.Sc. Pratik Arte has researched the divestment of foreign subsidiaries, which is the reverse of foreign investment.



VEBIC's energy laboratory inaugurated – shared investment in energy research brings expertise and competitive edge to Finland

The University of Vaasa, the public sector, and local industries made a significant shared investment, amounting to millions of euros, in energy research, and this investment is now starting to yield results. The new energy laboratory complex of the University of Vaasa's VEBIC research platform was inaugurated today in Vaasa.



Dissertation: Supply chain partners can be closer than they appear by achieving common goals

According to Khuram Shahzad’s doctoral thesis, firms can attain buyer-supplier performance and common goals by using relationship management factors. These factors include supplier development and conflict resolution strategies, contracts, interdependence, trust, and communication that are equally important in making partners closer.



Anne-Mari Vatunen appointed as the head of campus services

M.Sc. (Econ) Anne-Mari Vatunen, 43, has been appointed as the head of campus services at University of Vaasa. She will take up her duties on 3 April 2018.



VEBIC's engine laboratory starts operating

The engine laboratory of the University of Vaasa’s VEBIC platform has started operations. The installations of the engine laboratory were completed at the turn of the year.



University of Vaasa is looking for a new director of VEBIC

University of Vaasa is looking for a new director of Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre VEBIC. The University and the director of VEBIC Krish Sankaran have mutually agreed to part ways. The recruiting process of a new director has started as of March 5, 2018.



Dissertation: Future business success requires more than cookbook recipes for capability development

“Each business-organization follows a unique path of its capability development. Therefore, the vastly used cookbook recipes of capability development do not guarantee same results across all organizations”, says Aurangzeab Butt who will defend his doctoral thesis at the University of Vaasa. Butt’s doctoral research is a longitudinal study of organizational capability development process. The dissertation analyses the heterogenous development paths of project portfolio management...



Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC) searching for a new director

University of Vaasa is looking for a new director of VEBIC, the multi-disciplinary research and innovation platform in the field of energy production, energy business and sustainable development.



Johnny Åkerholm continues as chairman of the University of Vaasa board

The board of the University of Vaasa selected Johnny Åkerholm, expert in economic policy, as chairman of the board. Board professional Anne Korkiakoski will be the new vice-chair. The term of the board is four years, 1 January 2018-31 December 2021 Vaasan yliopiston uusi hallitus järjestyi kokouksessaan 2. helmikuuta. Vaasan yliopiston hallitukseen toimikaudella 1.1.2018–31.12.2021 kuuluu yhdeksän jäsentä, joista viisi tulee yliopiston ulkopuolelta ja neljä...



Dissertation: More benefits from supplier relationships through “good cop – bad cop” tactic?

The more strategically important the supplier is, the wider interaction tactics the customer should use, indicates the doctoral thesis of Anni Rajala from the University of Vaasa. According to the doctoral study, relational and hierarchical interaction enhances interorganizational learning, which again effects positively on organizational performance.



Household Energy Efficiency Can Be Improved by Energy Related Investment Literacy

"Energy related investment literacy can be improved by well-designed educational education programs and technical tools, such as on-line calculators", says professor of Economics Massimo Filippini. Massimo Filippini, professor of economics at the Swiss top university ETH Zürich and at the USI University, was a keynote speaker of the international seminar on energy economics arranged on Friday at the University of Vaasa.



Tuomas Huikkola’s doctoral dissertation was ranked the best strategy thesis by the Strategic Management Society in Finland

University of Vaasa’s post-doctoral researcher Tuomas Huikkola’s dissertation entitled as “Escaping the commoditization trap by going downstream: How does a manufacturer manage its capabilities to create wealth from solutions?” has been selected for the best strategy-related dissertation in Finland.



University of Vaasa honours its 50-years long history - the festivities began with the anniversary celebration

The year 2018 marks the semicentennial of the University of Vaasa. The 50 year old university responds to the challenges of the changing world by investing 10 million euros in research and aiming for high quality and societal impact.



Dissertation: Transfer Pricing of Trademark in the International Tax Law – How to Determine Fiscally Acceptable Pricing Outcome?

Lic.Sc Katriina Pankakoski's doctoral dissertation examines the problem of transfer pricing of trademarks in the international tax law both theoretically and from a pragmatic point of view. Her research also provides answers to practical problems arising in transfer pricing.



Heidi Kuusniemi to head Digital Economy research platform at University of Vaasa

Heidi Kuusniemi, 38, Doctor of Science, has been appointed Director of the new Digital Economy research platform at the University of Vaasa.



The University of Vaasa has received significant EU funding – The new research and doctoral training programme GLOMO focuses on global mobility of employees

The European Union has granted a funding of nearly EUR 4 million from the Horizon 2020 programme for the GLOMO project that studies the global mobility of employees. The University of Vaasa is participating in the research project, and its share of the funding is over EUR 500,000. The GLOMO project is establishing a new doctoral training programme that is recruiting 15 doctoral students from all over the world, which means approximately two students for each participating university. The...



Mari K. Niemi to head InnoLab research platform at University of Vaasa

Mari K. Niemi, 43, Doctor of Social Sciences, has been appointed Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab research platform at the University of Vaasa. She took up her duties on 5 January 2018.



University of Vaasa launching a new organisational structure

The University of Vaasa is undergoing the most significant change process in its history. The university is consolidating its profile and changing its structure. In the upcoming years, it will also make significant investments in research and the development of operations. The objective of these measures is to elevate the quality of teaching and research and increase their social relevance.