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2016-01-01 - 2016-12-31



Vaasa University Foundation donates 10 000 euros for research

Vaasa University Foundation donates 10 000 euros to the University of Vaasa for research funding. Instructions for applying the funding will be announced in the near future.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Wednesday the 21st of December, where the graduates received their degree certificates. In December, 75 Masters of Science and 7 Doctors had their certificates.



Dissertation: Heterogeneous news flow on volatility

Juha Kotkatvuori-Örnberg considers risk of an investment in his doctoral dissertation in the field of finance. The research results show that it is possible to apply different statistical methods and information content of time series observations to estimate volatility. The results have importance for example in risk management, hedging strategies and option pricing.



Dissertation: You cannot lead Indians as you would lead Finns – say Finnish business leaders

India is huge, lucrative, but also a very complex and challenging market. Finnish businesses are increasingly interested in operating in India, due to the large customer base and the high professional knowledge of partners and employees. Nevertheless, many companies face huge challenges due to the cultural differences that dominate business in India. Things can easily go wrong in the Indian business environment and while dealing with Indians if cultural differences are not addressed well,...



Dissertation: Putting Manufacturing in Cloud, to see the silver lining in digitalization and globalization

When major technology revolution happens, it brings new opportunities in manufacturing industry. Now, in what we may call “the fourth industrial revolution,” the new technology is cloud computing, and manufacturers are in the midst of exploring the potential of using cloud computing in the industry. Yuqiuge Hao’s doctoral dissertation “Cloud Manufacturing: Strategic Alignment between Manufacturing Industry and Cloud Computing” focuses on a new concept, namely cloud manufacturing, and...



Dissertation: Chasing high interest rates currencies offers no free lunch

Vitaly Orlov’s dissertation in Finance “Essays on Currency Anomalies” explores one of the most prominent recent phenomena - currency trading. “Currency trading is a big deal in the world of global investments," says Orlov, "as volume of transactions in the global currency market on some days reaches four trillion U.S. dollars, about 12 times more than that of all the world’s stock markets combined.” His dissertation provides new insights into the nature of the foreign exchange...



Dissertation: B2B customers' buying has changed – sales organisations should develop interactional skills

Are salespeople irritating you by calling enthusiastically and suggesting meeting even though you just last week said that the topic is not actual at the moment? If the business to business (B2B) seller is pushing too much – it might be that also the forthcoming future sale will fail. – If the customers are not treated as their personality type would need, it might destroy even the chances to get deals with the seller or with his or her company, says M. Sc. Pia Hautamäki from the...



Application Period for International Master’s programmes of the University of Vaasa starts

The application period for the international Master’s programmes of the University of Vaasa has started ending on 25th of January 2017. The University offers six international Master’s programmes taught entirely in English.



Helsinki Challenge: more than 100 teams solving planet-sized challenges

Helsinki Challenge, the science-based idea competition and accelerator programme, creates solutions for the grand challenges of the world and for building the well-being of the future through collaboration between the scientific community and society. The competition’s application process was done in two stages. The registration phase could be entered into with a preliminary idea and team. In the second stage a comprehensive competition entry was submitted, with the deadline passing on the...



Dissertation: Advertising gone wrong: Issues in International advertising

In his dissertation, Salman Saleem examines how advertisement developed in one culture can go wrong in another culture.



Dissertation: Too small to be lean? – Implementing lean philosophy in SMEs

Lean philosophy has long been propagated as a success story of large, automotive companies with Toyota frequently quoted as a shiny example of a success in “becoming lean”. In her doctoral dissertation Anna Rymaszewska examines the lean implementation potential in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which are foundational to both Finnish and European economy. The empirical data for the study was gathered in Ostrobothnian manufacturing SMEs, operating in various industries such as...



Dissertatation: Can the implementation of basic rights in the private security sector be controlled?

The private security sector increasingly complements the police authorities in the public security services. Differences between the public and private services have partially become blurred due to the privatisation and the changes in public administration structures and legislation. In her doctoral thesis, Tarja Hautamäki systematises the regulation of the control of the private security sector as well as the dimensions, means and gaps of control in terms of the clauses 22 and 124 of the...



Latest issue of the Research News was published

The latest Research News is out now. Research News (RN) is a publication presenting the latest research at the University of Vaasa.



Minimani donates 5 000 euros to the University

Minimani Yhtiöt Oy is taking part in university fundraising and will donate 5 000 euros to the University of Vaasa.



Dissertation: Improved Internal Arc Protection with New Techniques

Lauri Kumpulainen’s doctoral dissertation investigates development directions of internal arc protection. Arc faults in switchgear can be characterized as electrical explosions which are very hazardous to personnel and devastating to equipment. “The safety of passenger cars improved significantly when safety belts were widely implemented. Analogously, the safety and reliability of electricity distribution systems can be enhanced by applying arc protection based on detection of light. This...



Dissertation: “Interesting comments” – Online learning is peer action at its best

Liisa Kääntä (MA) describes university students’ digital communication in her PhD study in Modern Finnish. The digitalisation of education is currently a ‘hot potato’, and various means with which to develop teaching, learning and researching in and through the Web are being considered in different media and situations both nationally and locally. Kääntä’s study peeks into this world by focusing on interaction and language use. What kind of interaction between students does...



The University of Vaasa language studies transferring to the University of Jyväskylä

The boards of the University of Vaasa and Jyväskylä have approved the agreement according to which the degree education and research in languages at the University of Vaasa will be transferred to the University of Jyväskylä on 1 August 2017. The University of Vaasa aims at specialising more strongly in business studies, technology, communication and administration in order to promote its national and international competitiveness. The University of Jyväskylä wants to strengthen its core...



Helsinki Challenge: 375,000 euros for science-based solutions that impact society

No one will solve the challenges of the future alone. Helsinki Challenge is a science-based idea competition and accelerator programme, where solutions for the great challenges of the world and future well-being are solved through collaboration between experts of the scientific community and society.



Digitalisation of the manufacturing industry needs awareness campaigns

How the to get the manufacturing industry to innovate and on the road towards digitalisation? The University of Vaasa research group called SC-Research is currently doing an international comparative study about this topical issue. Preliminary results show that the manufacturing industry both in the United States and in Finland would benefit from raising awareness of digitalization and education of new skills. They are seen as vital actions for facilitating digitalization. Rector of the...



University of Vaasa Doctor honoris causa Bengt Holmström won Nobel in Economics

The University of Vaasa doctor honoris causa of Economic Sciences, professor Bengt Holmström from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and professor Oliver Hart from Harvard University were awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science on Monday for their contributions to the contract theory.



Dissertation: International R&D units improve the performance of firms

People and policymakers in many developed countries are concerned that domestic firms appear to be increasingly locating their research and development activities abroad and may at the same time erode the national scientific capabilities. However, according to Jaana Rahko’s doctoral dissertation this worry seems to be exaggerated. Her dissertation on the field of Economics presents research results showing that international research and development (R&D) activities increase the patenting...



Professors Panu Kalmi and Tanja Sihvonen received research funding from the Academy of Finland

Academy of Finland has granted 300.000 euros for a two-year research and development project “Game-based Financial Education in Schools”. The funding was granted to the professor of economics Panu Kalmi, who is a specialist in financial literacy and education, and to the professor of communications Tanja Sihvonen, who is an expert in game research.



LähiTapiola Pohjanmaa donates 50 000 euros to the University of Vaasa

LähiTapiola Pohjanmaa donates 50 000 euros to University’s Faculty of Business Studies. By supporting education and research and by strengthening the innovation can create well-being as well as employment situation and economic growth.



Donate to the University by text message

From now you can donate to the University of Vaasa also by text message. Donation of 10 euros to research and science is possible to make easy by sending message UVA to number 16499.



The Doctoral Programme in Business Studies is a new member of EDAMBA

The Doctoral Programme in Business Studies at the University of Vaasa has been accepted as a member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA). EDAMBA currently operates in 26 countries.



New course in User Innovations

”Start with the need that you have yourself”, advices MIT’s famous professor, economist Eric von Hippel in the introductory video of the new course “User Innovations” at the University of Vaasa. MIT and the University of Vaasa are producing together this course which is aimed to all students – also to exchange students.



Dissertation: Hierarchical control and energy balancing is obligatory for storage systems in modern grids

Omid Palizban has developed new technology for the decentralized control of microgrids, especially in the energy storage section, and adopted a new standard for hierarchical control in the system. Palizban’s doctoral dissertation for the University of Vaasa is at the field of Electrical Engineering and the research has done in Smart Electric Systems research group. The research is related to energy and power management in the modern grid.



New students arrived on campus

New students arrived on campus on Wednesday, the 24th of August. Studies start with the orientation days that last from Wednesday to Friday. During the three day orientation new students get information about the University, field of study as well as academic studies. Actual studies start in the beginning of September.



Dissertation: Extension theory of operators in Krein and Pontryagin spaces and applications

Dmytro Baidiuk's doctoral thesis in Mathematics investigates and generalizes several well-known results from Extension theory of operators.



Dissertation: A ready-made customer base for new products - Crowdsourcing provides remarkable benefits for companies

According to Ari Sivula’s doctoral thesis at the University of Vaasa "Generic Crowdsourcing Model for Holistic Innovation Management" organizations should be more customer focused in innovation production. Companies generally strive to produce innovations which do not necessarily have a wide range of demand in the markets. These innovations can be really expensive for companies, says Sivula. Crowdsourcing is one of the best models to bring customers and other stakeholders into...



Dissertation: Not a papery palaver - appraisal form helps superior and subordinate in performance appraisal interview

The dissertation by Piia Mikkola, MA, on the field of Modern Finnish, examines the different usages of performance appraisal forms in Finnish performance appraisal interviews from a perspective of conversation analysis.



Dissertation: New way to compare mobile phone cameras - benchmarking takes into account also camera speed

M.Sc. Veli-Tapani Peltoketo's doctoral thesis defines a new benchmarking method for mobile phone cameras. The benchmarking combines different image quality and camera performance metrics to a comparable, single value benchmarking score. According to the research, heavy image quality algorithms used nowadays may slow down functionality of mobile phone cameras. Moreover, the research highlights the main principles to compare mobile phone cameras. For example, cameras should be measured in...



The most valuable souvenir Erasmus students took with them from Vaasa 10 years ago

Group of international students attended Erasmus Intensive Language course in 2006 at University of Vaasa, which ended up in the most important souvenir they could have brought home: Friendship. For the past 10 years; they have been meeting each other from once to twice a year, and this week they had a reunion at Vaasa.



Energy and wastewater treatment solutions from algae

Algae are not just the unpleasant mush that people see at the beach. They are also a future source of energy. Together with other Nordic partners, the University of Vaasa is participating in TransAlgae, a new algae research project that studies how to utilise waste flows to produce micro- and macroalgae in a profitable way and, at the same time, clean wastewater.



Jari Kuusisto to continue as Rector of the University of Vaasa

In accordance with the decision of the Board of the University of Vaasa, Jari Kuusisto will continue as rector of the university until 30 June 2017.



Tuition fees to be introduced for international Master's programmes of the University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa will introduce annual tuition fees for new students coming from outside of the EU and the European Economic Area. The tuition fee will vary from 10,000 to 12,000 euros, and will be billed to degree students in international Master’s degree programmes. The fees only apply to new students who start their studies in autumn 2017.



Dissertation: Narcissistic superior can be a good leader

Hanna Peltokangas studies in her dissertation the association between leaders' personality, job performance and burnout. The results were rather surprising. For example the narcissistic leaders seemed to get good assessments from their subordinates. However, when the topic was studied more thoroughly, it was noticed that the more narcissistic features the leader had the less time he/she had been in the position.



The master's programme in the Faculty of Business Studies receives significant international recognition

The University of Vaasa's Master’s Degree Programme in Finance has passed the international EPAS quality accreditation. The highest level five-year EPAS accreditation the master's programme has received is a testimony that the education is at an international top level.



Letter of intent on transferring University of Vaasa language studies to the University of Jyväskylä

The Universities of Vaasa and Jyväskylä are cooperating to jointly strengthen their profiles. The University of Vaasa aims at specialising more strongly in business studies, technology, communication and administration in order to promote its national and international competitiveness. The University of Jyväskylä wants to strengthen its core field of languages. The Boards of the Universities of Vaasa and Jyväskylä have made a preliminary decision to propose to the Ministry of Education...



University in the summer 2016

University office hours and other services on the campus during the summer.



Professor Adam Smale receives funding from the Academy of Finland

Professor Adam Smale from the University of Vaasa has been granted funding from the Academy of Finland for a joint project with professor Kristiina Mäkelä from the Aalto University. Smale's part of the funding was 280 000 euros. The research project is called "Brave New HR? The Digitalisation of People Management".



Vaasa FSHS during summer 2016

Vaasa FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) is closed at summer time between 4.7.-7.8.2016.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Friday the 27th of May. In the event, the graduates received their degree certificates. In May, 88 graduates received their degree certificates.



Dissertation: Self-initiated expatriation may become a trap for an expert

Self-initiated expatriation does not always enhance perceived employability of an employee and may appear as a risk for the employers according to a doctoral dissertation of Paula Makkonen. Self-initiated expatriation has traditionally been connected to perceptions of high employability and career satisfaction. Self-initiated expatriates have also felt to increase the local talent pool available for staffing.



Dissertation: The improved Savonius wind turbine captures wind in the cities

Finnish invention, a vertical axis Savonius wind turbine can be further improved according to doctoral thesis of Svetlana Marmutova from the University of Vaasa. Due to the mechanical modification of the rotor the power coefficient was shown to be increased by around 8 percent (2% units). The power coefficient is the ratio of the power extracted by the rotor to the available kinetic power in the air flow.



German maintains its hold in Finnish business communication

Although English continues to strengthen its dominant position, German has not been sidelined but still maintains its place in Finnish business communication.



Tritonia Yliopistonranta open all summer

This summer, Tritonia Yliopistonranta will be open in June, July and August (closed Fri-Sat).



Dissertation: EU merger control has significantly affected the interpretation of the Finnish merger provisions

The development of EU merger control can be seen in the development of Finnish merger control, according to Lic. Sc. Jaana Boëlius. She will defend her doctoral thesis at the University of Vaasa.



Dissertation: The life of a woman according to Cosmo

Women narrate their life stories, with problems and adversities. Cosmopolitan UK offers a mix of self-narratives of trouble, alongside its own descriptions of the ideal woman, the Cosmo girl. Since readers will realize that the Cosmo girl is less than realistic, the magazine also has to offer stories of adversities in the life of a woman. It is a question of the magazine’s credibility. But it is also about encouraging the reader to see that her problems can be resolved: she can once again be...



Teaching financial skills in primary school is important – game-based learning produces good results

Me & MyCity, a Finnish education innovation based on game-based learning, significantly improves the financial skills of schoolchildren, according to a recent study from the University of Vaasa funded by the Academy of Finland. The results were published on Tuesday at a science breakfast organised by the Academy.



University of Vaasa and Hanken strengthen their collaboration

The University of Vaasa and the Hanken School of Economics intensify their collaboration within business education, research and language teaching.



Contemplated citizen debate at the security café

What kind of emotions did the arrival of asylum seekers stir in the residents of Tornio? Did the setting up of the registration centre affect the participants’ sense of security? How did the residents of Tornio feel about seeing the authorities in their everyday life in a way they usually don’t? How successful was the communication of the authorities? Answers to these questions, among others, will be sought at the Tornio security café May 25th. The Tornio security café is a part of a...



Strong development and energetic investments - The University of Vaasa's year 2015

The year 2015 was a successful year for the University of Vaasa, reveals the annual report 2015. The number of doctoral degrees surpassed the target for the second year running. A total of 521 master's degrees were completed. This figure is clearly above the target of 445 degrees. Read more: University of Vaasa Annual Report 2015.



Several scholarships for PhD studies

The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa has granted several scholarships, donated by Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation and Vaasa University Foundation.



Susanna Kultalahti’s dissertation received ”Highly Commended” in Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards

Assistant professor at the University of Vaasa, DSc. Susanna Kultalahti’s dissertation received the distinction by the editors of Personnel Review as a Highly Commended Award winner of the 2015 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards.



Drama at the retirement home

Associate professor and Finnish Academy postdoctoral researcher Catharina von Koskull studied the emotional experiences of the seniors and the personnel at a retirement home. She is clearly a groundbreaker. Not only has she collected data for her research with a demanding ethnographic method – but she has also used theatre to present the research results to the stakeholders at the elder care facility.



University of Vaasa courses and hospitality top of the class in Finland

University of Vaasa and VAMK, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences excelled in the evaluation of the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme where students and staff gave feedback on their exchange experiences. The two Vaasa higher education institutions received top marks on course content from the incoming exchange students and visiting staff gave praise to the overall experience of the exchange from practical issues to hospitality.



Latest issue of the Research News was published

The latest Research News, is out now. Research News (RN) is a publication presenting the latest research at the University of Vaasa.



Dissertation: The evolution of smart grid offers possibilities to take back your power

Rayko Toshev's thesis in Industrial Management “Risks and Prospects of Smart Electric Grids Systems measured with Real Options” analyses electricity price risk levels and evaluates smart grid R&D projects and technology opportunities, using real option pricing method. – My work analyses Nord Pool Spot electricity prices for Finland, Sweden Norway and Estonia and computes market risk level using standard financial measures, such as Volatility and Value at Risk, says...



International master’s programmes of University of Vaasa scored most applicants

Six international master’s degree programmes of the University of Vaasa received in total 1160 applications this year. Most applications were addressed to the EPAS accredited Master’s Degree Programme in International Business and Master’s Degree Programme in Finance in the Faculty of Business Studies. The new Master’s Programme in Intercultural Management and Communication also attracted applicants. The application period closed on 1 February and the international master studies will...



Dissertation: Socio-economic crisis result of moral hazard

According to Anne Thil-Jääskeläinen’s doctoral thesis, the recent economic crisis in the western countries were caused by moral hazard. This kind of development is possible in the circumstances where the traditional moral codes are no longer valid.



Dissertation: Not a place for a faint-hearted? - Project marketing in Nigeria made easy

Isau Ganiyu’s dissertation focuses on the turbulence going on in Nigeria and the project marketers’ perception of the uncertainty and its management. Ganiyu studied managers of Nordic firms who market projects in turbulent Nigerian environment. The turbulence includes corruption, the threat of Boko Haram and kidnappings.



Dissertation: Neglecting million dollar ideas? – Offering a diagnostic solution for industries

Asiya Kazmi’s doctoral dissertation in the field of Industrial Management aims to help the companies to strengthen their idea generation potential while the process of new product development. – While industrial product development process, anyone can come up with a brilliant idea. No wonder if that idea pops up at the lower hierarchical levels, the spot where it is least expected. As a result, there are chances that the ‘would be million dollar idea’ loses its shine or fades away...



Dissertation: Ethical minimum is not enough for the citizens – requirements to increase justice and transparency in public service

Requirements to develop public service ethics are increasing in Finland. Ethical management and governance rely largely on regulation at the moment, according to M.Sc. Venla Mäntysalo's dissertation in Public Management.



The University of Vaasa's new strategy will build an energetic future

The University of Vaasa's new strategy for 2017–2020 places its trust in future business opportunities and new forms of value creation in the energy sector.



Master’s Degree Programme in International Business rated as internationally high quality

The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business of the University of Vaasa is place at 39 in the Eduniversal Best Masters ranking 2016 of the Western Europe master programmes. Eduniversal ranked the top 200 best masters programmes in international management, of which 50 are located in Western Europe.



Dissertation: New scrubber does not pollute sea water

In his dissertation, Jari Lahtinen examines fresh-water closed-loop gas exhaust scrubbers, which are used on merchant ships. – Scrubbers that use fresh water produce so little effluent that, in the future, it will be possible to build ships with zero effluent discharge into the sea, says Lahtinen.



One-hour train between Helsinki and Turku brings growth

The planned construction of the one-hour train connection between Turku and Helsinki could bring as much as 80 million euros of total gains, says Hannu Piekkola, Professor of Economics at the University of Vaasa.



Strategic Cooperation between the Faculty of Business Studies and Umeå School of Business and Economics Takes Form

A delegation from the Faculty of Business Studies lead by Vice-Dean Jorma Larimo together with the International Office visited Umeå School of Business and Economics (USBE) on Thursday, 29th of January.



Research Act and Teaching Act of the Year 2015 Awards

University of Vaasa granted the Research Act and Teaching Act awards of last year in the anniversary ceremony on Monday 27th of January. Research Act of the Year 2015 award was granted to Professor Seppo Niemi from the Faculty of Technology. University Lecturer Ari Huuhka from the Faculty of Business Studies received Teaching Act of the Year 2015 award.



Panu Kalmi receives the Warren Samuels Prize

Panu Kalmi, professor of economics at the University of Vaasa, has been awarded the Warren Samuels Prize alongside with two of his co-authors at the Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) Conference in San Francisco.



Apply for International Master's Degree Programmes

The period for applying for International Master’s Degree Programmes is on. The University of Vaasa offers six Master's degree programmes in English for international and Finnish applicants.