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Honorary Doctorate for Josu Takala

A university in Malaysia - Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) has awarded professor of industrial management Josu Takala an Honorary Doctorate degree. Professor Takala got the degree in UTHM’s 15th graduation ceremony.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Friday the 19th of December, where the graduates received their degree certificates. In December, more than 100 Masters of Science and 4 Doctors will have their certificates.



December's Research News published

December’s Research News of the University of Vaasa has been published. It is a publication presenting the research at the University of Vaasa. In it you can find information on our latest research.



Results of the Research Evaluation: The University of Vaasa’s research has strong societal impact

The societal impact of the University of Vaasa’s research is strong according to the Final Report of the Research Evaluation, which was published today.



Dissertation: Is Zuwanderer still a neutral term?

Sylvi Elsner's doctoral dissertation deals with language use in the political context of migration and is highly topical in view of the current influx of refugees in Europe. The main focus of the study is on the word Zuwanderer (a broad term to cover all kinds of immigrant) which came into general political use in Germany at the beginning of the new millennium.



Immersion research got a substantial funding from SLS

The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) has given 368 000 euros funding for the research project about Swedish immersion. The research project is called “Samverkan mellan språklig praxis, flerspråkig identitet och språkideologi” and it is led by professor Siv Björklund from the department of Scandinavian Languages. Other members of the research project are research manager Karita Mård-Miettinen and doctoral students Pia Hirvonen, Annika Peltoniemi and Sanna...



The Foundation for Economic Education awarded grants to researchers from the University of Vaasa

The Foundation for Economic Education has awarded grants to at least 20 researchers from the University of Vaasa. The sum in total was 129 500 euros.



The New Strategy Work Has Begun

The rector of the University of Vaasa has started a process for preparing a new strategy 2017-2020.



Generation Y challenges supervisors – the boss should be like a personal trainer

In her dissertation, Susanna Kultalahti examines Generation Y in working life. Generation Y, also known as Millennials, consist of people born approximately between 1980 and 2000. They have been described as demanding subordinates, challenging the working life and their supervisors.



The University of Vaasa is adapting its activities in response to government cuts - The University aims to save half a million

The decrease in state funding from the beginning of next year requires the University of Vaasa to take action. This will take the form of cost savings in support services and a reallocation of funding between the faculties.



Energy Day – meeting place for students and energy industry companies

Vaasa Energy Institute (VEI) arranged The Energy Day for students at the University of Vaasa on Wednesday, the 4th of November. During the day companies presented themselves at their stands and hold short company presentations.



The Faculty of Business Studies rated as internationally high quality faculty

The faculty of Business Studies of the University of Vaasa was ranked in the Eduniversal Worldwide Business Schools Rankings’ third category of Excellent Business Schools with reinforcing international influence. Placement requires e.g. strong international relations and international accreditations of education.



Dissertation: The survival of Finnish furniture manufacturers means balancing with exploitation and exploration

Karita Luokkanen-Rabetino’s thesis deals with firms’ long term success and survival in furniture manufacturing. She aims to build an understanding of how SMEs adapt their product market strategy through exploitation and exploration in a changing business environment in the long term.



In well-being week we take care of mental well-being

The University Well-being Week is held this week at the campus. The theme is mental well-being. Week’s activities are for both the personnel as well as for students. The University of Vaasa’s and The Student Union of the University of Vaasa’s well-being week is arranged for the fifth time.



Dissertation: Creating collaborative advantage with well-designed and managed R&D collaboration

Juho Ylimäki’s thesis in Management studies designing and management of dyadic R&D collaborations. – Collaboration between Finnish companies is in principle based on trust and there has been much talk about partnerships. However, the practices for R&D collaboration vary considerably. The companies’ perceptions of collaboration are sometimes astoundingly different, which leads too often to disappointments, says Ylimäki. Ylimäki proposes a model for managing and designing dyadic...



Dissertation: Digitizing and standardizing the electrical systems for smart grid

Mike Mekkanen's dissertation analyzes and evaluates the performance of the IEC 61850 standard within modern electrical systems. IEC 61850 is a relatively new international standard of communications for substations and smart grid.



October's Research News

October’s Research News of the University of Vaasa has been published. It is a newsletter presenting the research at the University of Vaasa.



HERCULES-2 gets EU Horizon 2020 funding

Professor of Energy Technology Seppo Niemi's HERCULES-2 project is the first project in the University of Vaasa to get a large funding from EU’s Horizon 2020 program. – University of Vaasa gets 1,5 million euros EU funding for the project, tells professor Niemi in October's Research News. HERCULES-2 project is targeting at a fuel-flexible large marine engine, optimally adaptive to its operating environment.



Many modernities instead of just one modernity

Professor Mihaela Irimia, Director for the Centre of Excellence for the Study of Cultural Identity from the University of Bucharest gave a keynote speech in a conference for researchers and teachers of English here in Vaasa. - In the last 25 years in the Modernity Studies researchers have been talking that instead of one modernity one should perhaps speak about many modernities.



Ambassor of Namibia suggests student and researcher exchange

The ambassador of Namibia to Finland Bonny Haufiku was visiting the University of Vaasa on Wednesday. He suggests, that the University of Vaasa and the University of Namibia could have co-operation in research and education. – Common research, exchange students and exchange professors and maybe assisting to set up some institutions, he says.



United States Ambassador Adams: Finnish education is a brand with enormous marketing potential

The new United States Ambassador to Finland Charles C. Adams visited today Vaasa and the University of Vaasa. He met the rectors of the University of Vaasa and the University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa (VAMK) and made a tour around campus area with the students. - I’m very impressed by the facilities, the talent and the ambition, said Charles C. Adams today at the press conference.



Asian Studies Days in Vaasa: Regionalization is a rising trend in Asia

Regionalization is an interesting trend in Asia. For example the popular culture is cuurently uniting Asia in a new way. Dynamics of regionalization in Asia was the theme of Asian Studies Days, which were held yesterday and today at the University of Vaasa. – When Chinese watch Korean drama, it helps them to understand that we are not so separated, but there are a lot of similarities in our cultures, says professor Soo Hyun Jang from the University of Kwanwoon in South Korea.



Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič: Energy Union needs support from citizens and industry

European Commission Vice president Maroš Šefčovič spoke today at the University of Vaasa about the Energy Union and climate policy in the EU. The open event for students and citizens was part of the Growth Caravan Tour, which aims to promote discussion and highlight EU issues in Finland's various regions.



Dissertation: Utilization of adjacency model in graph analysis

Teemu Mäenpää's thesis in information technology "Utilization of adjacency model in graph analysis" examines ways to process complex data structures to make them operable for relational databases.



Dissertation: Doctors see themselves as bad managers

Anne Kujala’s dissertation focuses on a very important and current issue – health and social management. In general media discussion it has been said many times that hospitals have poor management and especially the doctors are bad managers.



Dissertation: Entering foreign markets without optimal acquisition strategy can be costly

Nnamdi Oguji's thesis in marketing “Foreign acquisition entry strategies and performance of Finnish multinationals: The role of entry motives, institutions and host country capabilities” analyzes how and why firms opt for partial, staged and full acquisition strategies when entering into foreign markets. His research also reveals which are the negative impacts of not opting for the optimal acquisition strategy.



Declaration of the University of Vaasa and VYY: The Finnish government should propose measures securing continuity of regular traffic in Ostrobothnia

Vaasa is a major university town with over 12 000 students. For many of these students train connections are indispensable. It is necessary for the competitiveness of Vaasa University that Vaasa is easily accessible with public transport. This means that there should be wide train connections also very early in the morning and also in the evening.



Dissertation: Authorities should reduce the information security instructions

According to Niina Kinnunen’s thesis “Tietoturvaohjeistusten noudattamisen motivaatio ja sen muuttuminen” (Motivation for following information security instructions and chage therein) the authorities and the organizations should try to reduce the information security instructions and the number of parties providing the instructions and guidelines.



The fundraising campaign of the University gets off to a good start

The University of Vaasa aims to raise EUR 2.5 million as part of its fundraising campaign by 30 June 2017. By the end of August, EUR 1.085 million had already been donated. The University will begin accepting online donations as part of its fundraising campaign.



Interim rector Kuusisto: Competition for resources incentivises operational improvements

At the commencement of the academic year, the University of Vaasa's rector, Jari Kuusisto, who holds the position for a fixed term, said that universities are confronting new challenges due to restricted public funding. – Competition for resources on the national level is also a good thing as it incentivises us to improve our own activities, Kuusisto said in his speech.



Åbo Akademi prize awarded to Pirkko Vartianen, Harri Raisio and Nina Pilke

The Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademi foundation awarded the Åbo Akademi prize, worth EUR 3000, to Professor Pirkko Vartiainen, researcher Dr Harri Raisio and Professor Nina Pilke at the commencement of the University of Vaasa's academic year on 7 September.



"Finland should be more worried about Russian economy than Chinese economy"

China's recent stock market panic and the fears of China's economic development have been the news topic here and elsewhere over the last few days. How would China's economic slowdown affect the Finnish economy and Finnish companies? Professor Klaus Meyer of the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai estimates that Finland should be more concerned about Russia's than China's development.



New students arrived on campus

New students arrived on campus on Wednesday 26th of August. Studies start with the orientation days that last from Wednesday to Friday. Actual studies start in the beginning of September.



Dissertation: A failing bank could have infected two thirds of the other banks

Mervi Toivanen's thesis in Economics “Essays on Credit Contagion and Shocks in Banking” examines the impact of shocks on banks in the context of financial crises.



Dissertation: Building a Production Concept for experiential Food Service Event

Tuija Pitkäkoski's thesis in marketing “Building a Production Concept for experiential Food Service Event – Theming, processing and holistic impression as challenge in marketing management” reveals that most relevant in producing and managing experiential food service event is the management over the whole service system.



Dissertation: Representations and Regularity of Gaussian Processes

Adil Yazigi's dissertation is about Gaussian processes, their representations and regularity.



Dissertation: Technical improvements of Windside wind turbine systems

The problems encountered with battery charging by wind turbines are that the charging is poor in both low and high wind speeds. The main objective of Bertil Brännbacka’s dissertation is to find methods of improving the charging of batteries at low and high wind speeds by developing auxiliary devices using original components.



Dissertation: Symbolically embedded – Essays on the creation and use of symbolic resources in furniture networks

Anu Norrgrann’s dissertation aims at providing an understanding of how products function as symbolic resources in business networks. It builds on the resource interaction discussion within the network research tradition (IMP) and addresses the symbolic dimension of embeddedness and its importance for the ability of products to function as value-providing resources for intermediate and final customers.



Language needs as a topic for researchers on multilingualism

The Institute for Multilingualism, a joint venture between the University of Vaasa and Åbo Akademi University, hosted an expert seminar at the University of Vaasa on 4th–5th of June 2015. The seminar was the first meeting for an international research network on multilingualism called Workshop on Multilingualism. The purpose of the seminar was to plan future cooperation and establish connections between different countries and fields of science. The theme of the first seminar was language...



MOT Proofing language checker available for the University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa now has access to MOT Proofing language checker.



University in the summer 2015

There will be changes in the university office hours on the campus during the summer.



Cellulose turning into a supermaterial of the future: Broad-based cooperation multiplying the value of Finnish wood

The researchers are working together to develop new biomaterial applications within the Design Driven Value Chains in the World of Cellulose (DWoC) 2.0 project coordinated by VTT.



Dissertation: Security-Centric Analysis and Performance Investigation of IEE 802.16 WiMAX

WiMAX is a wireless access technology which offers high speed broadband connections and provides a wider coverage area. It has inexpensive equipment’s and more importantly it brings about an acceptable QoS. Moreover its ease of deployment further nominates it among other wireless access networks. Nowadays, WiMAX is considered as one of the most common broadband technologies mainly deployed in developing countries.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Friday the 29th of May. In the event, the graduates received their degree certificates.



Dissertation: Wicked game of regional development

Niklas Lundström’s dissertation is a study on the wicked game of regional development. It builds on complexity sciences and the concept of wicked problems. The aim of the study was to develop the concept of wicked problems further through the idea of a wicked game and to examine the compatibility of Citizens’ Juries in regional development.



The second alumni letter for 2015 is out

The second alumni letter for 2015 is now out.



Dissertation: Essays on Testing Long-Run Abnormal Stock Returns

Although long-run event studies have seen many advances over the years, the proper methodology for measuring the stock price performance of firms for periods of one to five years following certain corporate events is much debated in the literature. While a large number of recent studies consider applying the buy-and-hold abnormal return (BHAR) approach and the calendar time portfolio (CTP) method for investigating long-term anomalies, each of the methods is a subject to criticisms. A...



Dissertation: Consumers’ Experiences of Luxury – Interpreting the Luxuriousness of a Brand

Linda Turunen’s dissertation seeks to contribute to the literature by providing insight into what constitutes luxury and how it is determined by consumers.



Dissertation: Inner Speech of a Media Professional

Pekka Kurvinen’s dissertation examines media professional’s inner speech, the fragmentary, narrative mental image. The data were collected by using biographic journals and career stories written by the informants. The study provides an input in the study of professionalism, management and narrative discussion, and it concentrates on the individual, implicit narrative, empirical desires, needs, and motivation through emotions.



Dissertation: The good business decision and the liability of directors

Marika Salo’s thesis develops tools for rational business decision making. The criteria created determine when the liability is implied to directors and on the other hand, they are means for appropriate decision making. When the decisions are made within the criteria developed in this study, the decision making and risk taking are free from liability. The outcome of the process is good business decision. The financial result of the decision doesn’t determine whether the decision was...



Dissertation: Participants of online celebrity gossip turn against their individual freedom in their own rhetoric

Maria Eronen’s dissertation focuses on the way that participants of online celebrity gossip express themselves in their discussion forum posts judging celebrities.



Dissertation: Essays on internal control and external auditing in the context of financial reporting quality

Emma-Riikka Myllymäki’s thesis examines the role of internal control and external auditing in the context of financial reporting quality. The field of the study is accounting and finance.



2014 was a year of successes for the University

The University of Vaasa is succeeding as an international, business-oriented university. The University surpassed its goals last year in many respects.



Graduate School granted several scholarships

The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa has granted several scholarships, donated by Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation and Vaasa University Foundation.



Doctoral Student Tiina Leposky Receives an Award for Most Original New Work

Tiina Leposky from the International Business and Marketing Strategies research group has received the international Neil Hood and Stephen Young Award for most original new work in the doctoral colloquium in the AIB-UKI conference.



Jari Kuusisto named Vice Rector of the University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa's position among the leading scientific higher education institutions will be further strengthened by the nomination of a new Vice Rector with responsibility for research.



The first alumni newsletter for 2015 is out

The Newsletter writes e.g. about the University's latest news and alumni dinner in Helsinki in June.



Dissertation: Behind the words – contextual concept structures of language immersion students

Elina Nevasaari examines how students construct and verbalize concepts by observing three content-specific, natural scientific, concepts describing how animals acclimatize to the winter in Finland.



Student mobility hits record high at the University of Vaasa

In 2014, a record number of the University of Vaasa's students left on an exchange placement of at least three months, while there was also a record number of incoming exchange students. 261 students went abroad, which is 20% more than in 2013. There were 213 incoming students, which was 14% more than in 2013. Student mobility has increased steadily every year but the figures for last year show a clear increase.



Interface of work and personal life spheres in the international career context

What are the direct and moderating effects of an international career orientation in the relationship between frequency and duration of international business traveling and work-to-life conflict and enrichment? How dual career expatriates view their career coordination strategies with their partners? These questions were answered in two separate articles, written by Assistant Professor Liisa Mäkelä with her colleagues.



10 000 Master’s degree students and 300 Doctoral students from University

The 10 000th Master’s degree student will graduate from the University of Vaasa. Pirjo Pitkäkangas receives her Master of Administrative Sciences degree on 27th of February.



Cultural, linguistic and literary approaches to femininity

The recently published book Deviant Women is a collection of articles about women who deviate from socially constructed norms of femininity.



Latest issue of the Research News

The February issue of Research News presents the newest research projects, assistant professor Klaus Grobys and research group The Social and Cultural Phenomena.



Return-implied volatility dynamics of high and low yielding currencies

Professors Janne Äijö and Jussi Nikkinen wrote an article with Miikka Kaurijoki, in which they investigate the return-implied volatility dynamics of six most actively traded currencies before and during the financial crisis using quantile regression analysis.



Research Act and Teaching Act of the Year 2014 Awards

University granted in the anniversary ceremony of the University of Vaasa Research Act of the Year 2014 award to Assistant Professor Liisa Mäkelä. University Teacher Laura Lappalainen received Teaching Act of the Year 2014 award in the same ceremony.



The role of network capability in firms

A firm's network capability refers to its ability to build, handle and exploit relationships. Research article demonstrates that these capabilities are interwoven in a complex configuration with the other capabilities and competencies of the firm and in practice, are very difficult to separate from them.



Apply for International Master's Degree Programmes

The period for applying for International Master’s Degree Programmes is on. The University of Vaasa offers five Master's degree programmes in English for international and Finnish applicants.



MIB International Business received recognition

Master’s Degree Programme in International Business is ranked as number 45 among top 200 in the Eduniversal Masters Ranking 2014/2015 in the area of International Management in Western Europe.



The Ostrobothnian Model of Smart Specialisation

New report describes findings derived from a survey about connectivity in the region of Ostrobothnia. The report also introduces the Ostrobothnian model of smart specialization, a development tool for planning.