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Change the scene: Study abroad 2015/2016?

As international Master’s degree students of the University of Vaasa you have the possibility to apply for student exchange, study abroad during the academic year 2015/2016 in one of our partner universities around the world.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Friday the 19th of December. In the event, the graduates received their degree certificates.



University of Vaasa receives HR Excellence in Research award

The European Commission has given the HR Excellence in Research award to the University of Vaasa in recognition of the development activities related to the working conditions and careers of researchers.



University of Vaasa received a significant donation

Fund-raising campaign got off to a great start. Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation donates one million euros to University of Vaasa.



The portrait of University’s rector was unveiled

The portrait of Rector Matti Jakobsson – painted by artist Pasi Tammi – was unveiled on Tuesday the 16th of December.



Dissertation: Dismantling an ivory tower – shared leadership and collective expertise in a museum

Kristina Ahmas' thesis provides a dismantling model, showing an alternative for open expertise and how relational practices have the power to make room for collective expertise. An aesthetic element present in the museum and in the data tones the study which responds to the question: How may shared leadership and collective expertise be constructed in a museum? The field of the study is management.



Dissertation: Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing

Klaus Grobys´ thesis examines cross-sectional patterns in equity returns and consists of six essays. Field of the dissertation is finance.



Dissertation: Logistic decisions’ effects to the food supply chains’ sustainable performance

The purpose of Hanne Ala-Harja’s constructive research is to estimate strategic logistic decisions effects to the supply chain sustainable performance. Also a model to support supply chain managers make more sustainable logistics decisions is presented.



Dissertation: International performance of emerging market firms

Ismail Gölgeci examines the role of marketing and supply chain capabilities and host country institutions explaining the international performance of emerging market firms.



Vox Cordis now in English

University of Vaasa Magazine Vox Cordis 4/2014 is out now. This issue is an International Edition in English.



Alumni Newsletter 2/2014 is out

The second English Alumni Newsletter for this year is out.



Dissertation: The entrepreneurial circumstances for small medium enterprises within Estonia – A legal perspective

Paul Gordon Dickinson’s study focuses on the business regulation for Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs) in Estonia in relation to four identified entrepreneurial circumstances: company formation, land acquisition, taxation and criminality. Field of the dissertation is business law.



Alumni LinkedIn group became closed

University of Vaasa Alumni Network LinkedIn group has been changed from open group to a closed one. It means that one has to send a request to the owner (that is the University of Vaasa) to join the group. This way we want to make sure the group is not misused e.g. for spamming.



Researchers of the innovation gathered at the campus

The International Conference on Innovation and Management – ICIM brought together 90 participants from all over the world to the campus. This year the theme was innovative products and services for sustainable development.



We Have Excellent International Student Satisfaction

The University of Vaasa has won the StudyPortals Award for Excellent International Student Satisfaction 2014.



Dissertation: Multilevel determinants of foreign direct investments entry mode strategies and subsidiary survival of multinationals in China

Foreign direct investments entry mode strategies and post-entry subsidiary survival can be influenced by several different types of determinants. Yi Wang’s research analyses the impacts of firm, industry and institution specific determinants on foreign direct investments (FDI) ownership mode strategy, FDI establishment mode strategy and subsidiary survival together. Field of the study is marketing.



Dissertation: Toward effective, decentralized basic medical teaching

According to Satu Hautamäki, competence management plays a major role in decentralized basic medical education. The field of Hautamäki’s dissertation is social and health management.



Dissertation: Biofuels Adoption in Nigeria

Nelson Abila explores in his doctoral thesis issues of policy and sustainability of biofuels adoption in Nigeria. Field of the study is industrial management.



Alumni LinkedIn group's administration moved to the University

University of Vaasa Alumni Network LinkedIn group's administration has moved to the University.



Latest research news of the university

The latest newsletter, Research News, is out now. In the November issue you can read what graduate student Man Yang studies, what university lecturer Pieta Turkka has studied in her article and what are the activities of the Smart Electric Systems -research group.



Dissertation: Implementing supply chain strategy

Ilkka Sillanpää studies the implementation of supply chain strategy. The question is why strategy implementation fails. Field of the study is management.



Dissertation: The role of networking capability in business managers' recipes on success of a company

Anne Söderman studies the role of networking capability in business managers' recipes on success of a company. The field of the study is management.



Productivity mystery revealed?

An analysis using extensive Finnish micro data reveals new insights into the mysterious productivity growth slow-down that has taken place since the middle of the 2000’s.



A new dynamic model of supplier–customer product development collaboration strategies

Project Researcher Juho Ylimäki from the Department of Management examines transitions between different types of product development collaboration in supplier-customer settings, the events that trigger such transitions, and the emerging requirements for suppliers.



Dissertation: Interference Mitigation Using Group Decoding in Multiantenna Systems

Omar Abu-Ellan studies the interference mitigation using group decoding in multiantenna systems. Field of the study is telecommunications engineering.



Dissertation: Religious freedom in the multicultural school

Pete Hokkanen studies what does freedom of religion mean and how it shall be taken into account in multicultural schools in Finland. The aim of public multicultural school must be factual equality and equality of views. According to Hokkanen pattern “one part together and other part separated” offers the best way to take into account the confessional rights of majority and minority in schools. Field of the study is public law.



Dissertation on development of bank branch networks in Southwest Finland

Johanna Särkijärvi studies the development of regional retail bank branch networks in Southwest Finland building on the theories of innovation diffusion, central place theories and location theories. Field of the study is regional studies.



Suvi Ronkainen named Rector of the University of Vaasa

The Board of the University of Vaasa has selected Suvi Ronkainen as the University's new Rector. Her five-year term of office will begin in early 2015.



Dissertation on acquisition and strategic renewal

Juha Tall explores in his research strategic renewal in the acquisition through the questions how are the acquirer and target resources and capabilities renewed in acquisition, how are the acquirer and target business renewed in acquisition and how are the acquirer’s strategy and strategy formulation renewed in an acquisition. Field of the research is management.



Plagiarism detection for theses adopted

All the theses written at the University of Vaasa now undergo a plagiarism check.



Latest Research News of the university

The latest newsletter, Research News, is out now.



Dissertation: Retailers’ strategic responses to institutional pressures varies

Alphonse Aklamanu examines in his doctoral study retailers' strategic responses to institutional pressures and performance. The study creates a better understanding of how host institutional factors and firm internal factors relate to appropriate strategic response choices and performance in the foreign market. The field of dissertation is marketing.



Dissertation: Experienced Shakespeare translators negotiate themselves a stronger voice

M.Sc. Nestori Siponkoski’s study concentrates on the significance of the textual interplay of translators and editors in the context of an editing process relating to a contemporary project of translating Shakespeare’s dramatic works into Finnish. The field of the study is English language/translation studies.



Renewable energy from microalgae

University of Vaasa and Vaasa Energy Institution (VEI) welcomed visitors from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Agenda was to find out joint research projects for the future. Professor Zhongming Wang, Dr. Shunni Zhu and Dr. Pingzhong Feng presented research facilities of renewable energy in China and in their own institute, Guanzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC).



New students arrived in campus

New students arrived in campus on Wednesday 27th of August



Dissertation: Information flow a key factor in supply chain management networks

M.Sc. Richard Addo-Tenkorang’s doctoral thesis creates conceptual framework for large-scale complex engineering-design and delivery processes. The field of dissertation is industrial management.



How to manage tensions in coopetition?

Tensions are natural in coopetitive business relationships that simultaneously involve cooperation and competition. The study of Research Doctor Annika Tidström focuses on various kinds of coopetitive relationships and management of the tensions.



University-Industry partnership - what to consider?

Director of SC-Research Institute of the University of Vaasa, Dr. Jari Kuusisto explains the things to take into consideration when establishing university-industry partnerships.



Dissertation: Evaluation of renewable energy development in power generation

Lic.Sc. (Tech) Alireza Aslani’s doctoral dissertation analyzes the development of renewable energy utilization to increase the security of the energy supply in the Nordic countries. Field of the study is industrial management.



Dissertation: Debt Covenant Guidance in Financial Agreements

Lic.Sc. Olli Välimäki’s dissertation examines debt covenant guidance in financial agreements. The purpose of Välimäki´s study is to examine whether and how banks are able to control their credit risks by means of debt covenants instead of, or in addition to, more traditional ways provided by collateral, and if so, how debt covenant guidance should be carried out and which are its main judicial risks. Field of the study is business law.



Dissertation: Essays on Debt Financing, Firm Performance and Banking in Emerging Markets

Denis Davydov examines in his doctoral dissertation corporate debt financing sources and their implications for firm performance in emerging markets. The field of the dissertation is finance.



Highly commended paper award for the researchers of the management

The research paper “Managing non-standard international experience: Evidence from a Finnish company” published in Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research has been selected by the journal’s Editorial Team as a Highly Commended Paper of 2013.



Marketing through storytelling

The third Nordic Conference on Consumer Research gathered consumer researchers from a broad scope of disciplines to illustrate and discuss the theoretical and methodological plurality that the Nordic Consumer Research encompasses. The conference seeks to stimulate inspiring and forward-looking discussion on the hot topics of today's consumer research.



Dissertation: Narrating coping experiences of necessity entrepreneurs

Jenni Kantola’s dissertation study seeks understanding on individuals’ coping experiences as necessity-based entrepreneurs from a narrative perspective. The findings show that individual narratives reflect the personal growth. Field of the study is management.



Dissertation: Directing of share - assessment of the permissibility of derogation to the shareholder´s pre-emptive right

Lic.Sc. Jarkko Raitio’s dissertation examines the tension between company’s interest and shareholder´s principle of equality which may occur when a company arranges directed share issue, issues option rights and other special rights entitling to shares, or arranges directed acquisition. These different types are defined as a concept of directing of share. Field of the study is business law.



Almost 70 applied as a doctoral student

There are two application periods for doctoral studies at the university annually. The students apply for admission to the doctoral programmes, and the primary study right is given for a doctorate degree. This spring 67 applications altogether were received. 28 applications came from abroad.



Highly Commended Paper reward for Yohanes Nugroho’s article

Assistant Professor Yohanes Nugroho’s article Developing price and production postponement strategies of substitutable product was selected as a 2014 Highly Commended Paper winner for Journal of Modelling in Management.



Dissertation: Strategic learning – a route to competitive advantage

Charlotta Sirén asks in her doctoral study what is the role of strategic learning in firm success. Question is addressed in five interconnected articles whose conceptual development is supported by statistical analysis based on data collected from Finnish software firms. Field of the study is management.



Graduate Schools granted several scholarships

The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa has granted several scholarships, donated by Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation and Vaasa University Foundation as well as two-year doctoral student positions.



Research News April issue

Research News of the University of Vaasa is a publication presenting the research done at our university. In it you can find information on our latest research. Research News is published every other month during the academic year. The language of the publication is English.



Asian Programme and Mini Major in Asian Studiesen

The Asian Programme is an interdisciplinary Bachelor level study programme which provides students basic knowledge of Asia. It is a good introduction to Asia for all students whose study or career plans relate to the region. The programme is coordinated by the University Network for Asian Studies.



Several grants to the researchers

The Foundation for Economic Education (Liikesivistysrahasto) has granted several scholarships to the researchers of the university.



Call for international tutors open – apply by 31 March!

Cultures, friendships, languages, diversity, networking, experiences and fun!



Towards the 100 % renewable energy systems

Vaasa EnergyWeek, which was held in 17–20 of March, brought together more than 2,000 energy professionals and decision-makers to Vaasa. As a part of the EnergyWeek Renewable Efficient Energy IV Conference was held in the University of Vaasa.



GERMAN WEEK 17.–22.3.

Week 12 (17.–22.3.2014) is for the GERMAN WEEK at the University of Vaasa campus. During the week people can watch German movies, take part in lectures, view exhibitions and eat German food. The GERMAN WEEK is organized by Tritonia and the department of German language and literature in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Finland.



Effectuation logic crucial for rapidly internationalizing firms

The research of the professor Peter Gabrielsson from University of Vaasa and professor Mika Gabrielsson from University of Eastern Finland investigates the decision-making of international new ventures.



Dissertation: New strategic steering system for the public sector

The primary aim of Lars E. Palmroos´s study is to explore and construct a new performance management system for use in a public sector organization. Field of the study is finance and accounting.



Communicative leader engages

Professor of organisational communication Catrin Johansson from Mid Sweden University lectured in the university on communicative leadership. Johansson’s research focuses on communication, leadership and change, crisis communication and internal social media.



Dissertation: A dynamic business model for high-tech industry in a global environment

Jari Koskinen’s doctoral thesis presents a new view of firms’ dynamic capabilities and flexibility operations, introducing a new business model called the dynamic business model (DBM). Field of the study is industrial management.



Dissertation: On performance analysis of cognitive radios

Ruifeng Duan studies the possibilities of cognitive radios. Field of the study is telecommunications engineering.



Preventive actions for environment’s sake

Professor Donald Huisingh from the University of Tennessee gave a lecture at the University of Vaasa on 29th of January. The topic of the lecture was “Climate changes: evolving technical, political, economic, ecological and values challenges and opportunities”.



International recognition for the doctoral research of Mikael Ehrs

Emerald Group Publishing Limited, publisher of the largest collection of international business and management journals, and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), a global membership organization with more than 700 institutional members from academia, business and public services, seek to celebrate excellence in research by sponsoring the 2013 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards.



Language learning motivation – why (not) learning German?

The research report Deutsch in Litauen. Quantitative Auswertung einer Studie zur Sprachlernmotivation presents the results of a quantitative investigation examining language learning motivation of Lithuanian respondents with respect to German.



Research Act and Teaching Act of the Year 2013 awards

University granted in the anniversary ceremony of the University of Vaasa Research Act of the Year 2013 award to professor Petri Helo, Research group leader of the Network Value Systems (with professor Marko Kohtamäki). University Teacher Minna Maarit-Jaskari received Teaching Act of the Year 2013 award in the same ceremony.



Dissertation: Sustainable Biodiesel Production from Microalgae Cultivated with Piggery Wastewater

In response to the world energy crisis, global warming and climate change, microalgal biodiesel production has received much interest in an effort to search for sustainable development. M.Sc. Liandong Zhu’s research shows that Chlorella zofingiensis cultivation in piggery wastewater for biodiesel production can realize environmental sustainability, especially water sustainability. Field of the study is industrial management.



Apply for International Master's Degree Programmes

The period for applying for International Master’s Degree Programmes is on.