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2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31



Dissertation: Shared values – a resource for business?

The objective of Sauli Harjamäki’s research is to reduce the uncertainty of the selection of values in organizations, to improve the validity of the values from the perspective of different reference groups, and the improvement of the value based actions experienced in the company. Field of the study is industrial management.



Dissertation: Concurrent engineering improves product development performance

The purpose of Alemu Moges Belay’s research is to model concurrent engineering and improve product development performance by considering multi-attributes, such as cost and time and investigate the effects of related concepts for better results. Field of the study is industrial management.



Dissertation: Teaching through experiential client-based projects is challenging

Minna-Maarit Jaskari´s action research study focuses on the development of knowledge and skills of the future marketers. Field of the study is marketing.



Professor of industrial design visited the University of Vaasa

Professor of industrial design Deane McDonagh from the University of Illinois gave a presentation about The role of empathy in design thinking on Thursday. The presentation took place in Muova.



New Board appointed for the University of Vaasa

The University Collegium of the University of Vaasa has confirmed the new University Board members in its meeting on November 26, 2013. The new Board will be active from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2017.



Learning a different language depends most of all on immigrant’s own motivation

Repatriation of immigrants and the role of knowledge of a language were discussed in the seminar of Resurssirengas held on Tuesday in the University of Vaasa. M.A. Pirjo Raunio from Sataedu lectured about The knowledge of language as a part of the repatriation of immigrants.



Dissertation: Next generation contracts: A paradigm shift

Helena Haapio explores how business contracts can be developed to be more usable and useful for business.



Decrypting the text: the construction and function of disagreement in Bible study sessions

Assistant professor Riikka Nissi from the Department of Modern Finnish and Translation examines how disagreement over the meaning of the text is conducted and managed in a religious peer-group conversation.



Joint learning in R&D collaborations requires investments and trust

Research considers joint learning as a relational dynamic capability and examines the role of relational practices as enablers of joint learning in R&D collaboration between suppliers and their customers.



Dissertation: Trust between international joint ventures creates positive performance

Tahir Ali studies the relationship between trust and performance of international joint ventures. Field of the study is international marketing.



Dissertation: Essays on the Demand for Cultural Performances

Seppo Suominen studies the factors which explain the demand for different cultural and sporting events and relations between them. The field of the research is economics.



U-Multiranking ranks European universities and universities in applied sciences

The University of Vaasa participates now in U-Multiranking which is an EU-funded project. Universities’ research, teaching and learning, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement will be surveyed in the project.



Dissertation: Group subsidy as a part of the taxation of business income

The aim of Nils Hellberg's research is to clarify, in which respects does the regulation limit the tax deductibility for group subsidy according to former legal praxis. In addition to this the importance of other tax legislation for the taxation of group of companies is clarified.



Professor Peter Gabrielsson nominated to the Editorial Review Board of Journal of International Marketing

Professor Peter Gabrielsson from the University of Vaasa has been nominated to the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of International Marketing for the period 2013-2016.



Dissertation on employee’s experiences about non-material rewards

Ville-Valtteri Handolin studies employee’s experiences about rewarding, motivation and job well-being. The keyword of his study is “reward experience”, a concept that seeks to incorporate the feelings of the subject when he or she is rewarded.



Admission to the doctoral programmes is now open

The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa is looking for motivated, talented and research-oriented students to its doctoral programmes.



Best Paper Award to Helena Haapio at an international Academic Forum

University Teacher Helena Haapio was recognized with the IACCM 2013 Academic Forum Best Paper Award. Her research paper ”Good Contracts – Bringing Design Thinking into Contract Design” presents a glimpse of the results from the research she has conducted for the PhD dissertation she will defend at the University of Vaasa later this year.



Exhaust particles cause severe health effects

New research report introduces general information about diesel particles and their health effects. It is estimated that in Finland about 1 300 people die prematurely due to particles and the economic loss in the EU due to the health effects of particles can be calculated in the billions.



Technical difficulties in WebOodi

WebOodi will be out of use from Thursday October 3rd at 2:00 p.m. The system will be down until the following morning.



Dissertation: Swedish according to the will of the state

Ph. Lic. Gunnar Gårdemar analyses the objectives and instructions in the curricula for the upper secondary school in Sweden and Finland together with the course plans for Swedish as mother tongue, to encapsulate the objective of the education as stated by the promulgator, the state.



September's Research News

September’s Research News of the University of Vaasa has been published. It is a newsletter presenting the research at the University of Vaasa.



Dissertation: Perspectives on electronic human resource management in the multinational setting

M.Sc. Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä´s cross-disciplinary study introduces perspectives on electronic human resource management (e-HRM) systems in the multinational setting.



New project studies how financial literacy will affect financial behaviors

Professor Panu Kalmi leads the four-year research project which studies how financial literacy will affect financial behaviors.



Managers perform evaluations differently depending on where they sit

Different internal stakeholders evaluate the capabilities of the human resource (HR) departments of subsidiary units differently, depending on where they are located, the research shows.



New Board appointed for the University of Vaasa

The University Collegium of the University of Vaasa has nominated the new external University Board members of the university in its meeting on September 10, 2013. The new Board will become active from 1 January 2014 and the new members are Lars G. Hassel, Anne Korkiakoski, Pirkko Nuolijärvi, Heikki Uusitalo and Johnny Åkerholm.



New students arrived on campus

The University of Vaasa’s new students started their studies on Wednesday, the 28th of August. Approximately 870 new students have arrived on campus this autumn.



The Energy Ambassador´s journey begins – first stop in Kittilä

EnergyVaasa’s Energy Ambassador, Mr. Pentti Itkonen, will today start his ten weeks long journey around the world. The Energy Ambassador’s mission is to learn about leading Finnish cleantech companies, study their operations, and witness the effects of the technologies and solutions in ten different countries.



Dissertation: The diffusion of photovoltaic systems in Ghana

M.Sc. Emmanuel Ndzibah´s doctoral thesis identifies and explains the requirements for the diffusion of photovoltaic systems in Ghana. The field of the study is industrial management.



Relational capital facilitates the performance effects of R&D services

Relational capital is one of the central mechanisms that increase the profit impact of supplier's R&D services in a customer relationship, indicates the research of the Management Unit of the University of Vaasa.



Researchers of international business at the campus

12th Vaasa Conference on International Business gathers together 100 international business researchers from 20 countries. The main theme is “Value Creation in Internationalization”.



MIB Mentoring Programme helps for entering the working life

Every student by the middle or by the end of their studies starts to be concerned with the future career and upcoming professional life. MIB Mentoring Programme proved to be an effective solution and a big help for students before entering their working life.



The Energy Ambassador arrived to Vaasa, the capital of energy technology

Energy Ambassador Pentti has arrived in Vaasa, the capital of energy technology. He is ready to start a ten week adventure around the world. EnergyVaasa, the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries, chose the 25 year old, engineering student Pentti Itkonen to Energy Ambassor.



Research: New methods for transnational learning

Systems of innovation that are conducted within national borders can preserve inefficient solutions and prevent development. This has led to a conclusion that transnational learning strategies are more and more desirable. The researchers at our University have addressed the matter in their recent publication together with other international experts.



Successful Smart Specialisation conferences organized by the university

University of Vaasa and Botnia-Atlantica Institute organised two seminars connected to the first Smart Specialization peer review workshop in a Nordic country. The seminars were open to everyone and participants were regional policymakers, planners, experts, researchers, students as well as other interested.



University in the summer 2013

University office hours and other services on the campus during the summer.



Research: It is worth informing employees whether they are star performers

Under the broad heading of talent management many firms are spending a considerable amount of time and attention trying to identify their star performers, often referred to as ‘high potentials’. The basic idea is to ensure that these individuals who lie at the heart of the firm’s current and future success are given special attention in terms of personal development and career planning.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Friday the 31st of May. In the event, the graduates received their degree certificates.



Company Visits Gave Beneficial Experiences and Contacts

One important aim of the University of Vaasa is to provide its students relevant knowledge to their future working life. Contributing to this aim, the International Office is regularly organizing company visits to the students of the international Master’s Programmes.



Significant international recognition for the Master’s programmes of The Faculty of Business Studies

Two Master’s programmes in English at The University of Vaasa have been certified in the international quality audit EPAS. The EPAS quality accreditation shows that the education offered by the Master’s programmes represents international top level. Worldwide, 76 programmes have been accredited through the EPAS system.



New tool for researchers

There is a new tool for the University of Vaasa’s researchers in the University Portal called “Researcher’s Toolbox”.



Research News April published

April’s Research News of the University of Vaasa has been published. It is a publication presenting the research at the University of Vaasa. In it you can find information on our latest research.



Culture, Values and Justice -conference, May 2014

This conference creates and facilitates new research openings and cooperation in the interdisciplinary field of comparative cultural studies by bringing together scholars from different countries and universities worldwide to discuss and debate a range of topics.



Graduate School gave out scholarships

University of Vaasa's Graduate School granted scholarship for 2013-2014 and two-year doctoral student positions.



Finland´s most wanted job within the field of energy is open again

The EnergyVaasa network is again on the hunt for a new Energy Ambassador. University of Vaasa is taking part in the campaign, and the Energy Ambassador will be familiarised especially with the Energy Business MBA programme in the fall.



The Graduate School improves its activities: answer a questionnaire

The University's Graduate School wants to improve its course offerings and other activities. Therefore we ask doctoral students about their wishes for courses and doctoral training.



University promotes companies’ networking

The goal of the whole project “Swarm intelligence, networks and the power of interaction” is to identify aspects of collective action useful for expanding the understanding of network organization. In particular, the concept of swarm intelligence is studied as a potential source for novel solutions to the challenges of networked business. At the University of Vaasa, the project combines ideas from management and communication.



Graduate Schools grants and Openings for Doctoral Students open until March 19

The University of Vaasa Graguate School has open grants for the acedemic year 2013–2014 and two open Doctoral Student's posiotions for two year starting Augusts 1.



Research News February is published

February’s Research News of the University of Vaasa has been published. It is a publication presenting the research at the University of Vaasa. In it you can find information on our latest research.



Innodrive one of the successful projects in the 7th European Framework Programme

NET4SOCIETY has produced success stories on research from Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities. That research supports the achievement of policy targets and contributes to the benefit of society and economy in many ways. One of the success stories is the university of Vaasa's project Innodrive - Intangible capital and innovations: drivers of growth and location in the EU.



New University products available now

New university products are for sale at campus in Tervahovi’s info desk. Selection of products includes e.g., t-shirts, hoodies, reflectors and fabric bags.



An innovative solution for connecting students and international business professionals

The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business (MIB) has launched an innovative solution for connecting students, international business professionals, and alumni. The annual MIB Mentoring Programme provides students on MIB and international business professionals the opportunity to network and learn from each other via one-to-one, development-oriented discussions.



University researches Smart Specialization Strategies in Ostrobotnia

Departments of Regional Studies and Industrial Management at the University of Vaasa will make a research on Smart Specialization Strategies in Ostrobothnia with Regional Council of Ostrobotnia, Hanken School of Economics and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences in the year 2013.