Johnny Åkerholm continues as chairman of the University of Vaasa board

The board of the University of Vaasa selected Johnny Åkerholm, expert in economic policy, as chairman of the board. Board professional Anne Korkiakoski will be the new vice-chair. The term of the board is four years, 1 January 2018-31 December 2021 Vaasan yliopiston uusi hallitus järjestyi kokouksessaan 2. helmikuuta. Vaasan yliopiston hallitukseen toimikaudella 1.1.2018–31.12.2021 kuuluu yhdeksän jäsentä, joista viisi tulee yliopiston ulkopuolelta ja neljä...



Dissertation: More benefits from supplier relationships through “good cop – bad cop” tactic?

The more strategically important the supplier is, the wider interaction tactics the customer should use, indicates the doctoral thesis of Anni Rajala from the University of Vaasa. According to the doctoral study, relational and hierarchical interaction enhances interorganizational learning, which again effects positively on organizational performance.



Household Energy Efficiency Can Be Improved by Energy Related Investment Literacy

"Energy related investment literacy can be improved by well-designed educational education programs and technical tools, such as on-line calculators", says professor of Economics Massimo Filippini. Massimo Filippini, professor of economics at the Swiss top university ETH Zürich and at the USI University, was a keynote speaker of the international seminar on energy economics arranged on Friday at the University of Vaasa.



Tuomas Huikkola’s doctoral dissertation was ranked the best strategy thesis by the Strategic Management Society in Finland

University of Vaasa’s post-doctoral researcher Tuomas Huikkola’s dissertation entitled as “Escaping the commoditization trap by going downstream: How does a manufacturer manage its capabilities to create wealth from solutions?” has been selected for the best strategy-related dissertation in Finland.



University of Vaasa honours its 50-years long history - the festivities began with the anniversary celebration

The year 2018 marks the semicentennial of the University of Vaasa. The 50 year old university responds to the challenges of the changing world by investing 10 million euros in research and aiming for high quality and societal impact.



Dissertation: Transfer Pricing of Trademark in the International Tax Law – How to Determine Fiscally Acceptable Pricing Outcome?

Lic.Sc Katriina Pankakoski's doctoral dissertation examines the problem of transfer pricing of trademarks in the international tax law both theoretically and from a pragmatic point of view. Her research also provides answers to practical problems arising in transfer pricing.



Heidi Kuusniemi to head Digital Economy research platform at University of Vaasa

Heidi Kuusniemi, 38, Doctor of Science, has been appointed Director of the new Digital Economy research platform at the University of Vaasa.



The University of Vaasa has received significant EU funding – The new research and doctoral training programme GLOMO focuses on global mobility of employees

The European Union has granted a funding of nearly EUR 4 million from the Horizon 2020 programme for the GLOMO project that studies the global mobility of employees. The University of Vaasa is participating in the research project, and its share of the funding is over EUR 500,000. The GLOMO project is establishing a new doctoral training programme that is recruiting 15 doctoral students from all over the world, which means approximately two students for each participating university. The...