University of Vaasa honours its 50-years long history - the festivities began with the anniversary celebration

Posted on 26/01/18.

Friday's event was the official launch of the University’s 50th Anniversary year.

The year 2018 marks the semicentennial of the University of Vaasa. The 50 year old university responds to the challenges of the changing world by investing 10 million euros in research and aiming for high quality and societal impact.

The festivities began on Friday with the anniversary celebration.

- On its 50th anniversary University of Vaasa is international, well focused and ready to tackle modern world challenges. In order to remain competitive, we need to continue our efforts. Strive for high quality research and education are the key drivers of our efforts, said Rector Jari Kuusisto to the audience

The university has recently changed its organisational structure. The faculties have been replaced by four new Schools. In addition, the university will have three new research platforms: VEBIC, InnoLab and Digital Economy.

- University of Vaasa is going through a period of dynamic changes. We are building a future proof university. Our focus is on quality, relevance and impact. While driving change, we want to cherish our tightly knit university community. We have every reason to be mindfully optimistic, Rector Kuusisto continued.