Master's Programme in Finance gets a new international double degree deal

University of Vaasa’s EPAS-accredited Master’s Degree Programme in Finance has made a new Double Degree agreement with the French IÉSEG School of Management.



Dissertation: These individuals are needed by the aerospace industry to succeed: "Obedience and diligence alone are not enough"

Finnish companies in the aerospace industry have practices that will help them emerge as winners from global competition, reveals Jaakko Sivusuo's doctoral dissertation in Industrial Management. Competitive advantage can arise, for example, from partnerships, productised services as well as entrepreneurial and passionate individuals.



Dissertation: Organic is the new black – organic food is a feast for reputational messages

A strong reputational symbolism encompasses organic food consumption, claims the new doctoral dissertation conducted at the University of Vaasa (Finland). Several socially valued traits such as sophistication, affluence, and unselfishness are associated to those who favour organic food. According to M.Sc.(Econ.)Petteri Puska, who will publicly defend his work on February 22nd, organic appears to be the “new black” – this insight should not be ignored by marketers, retailers, and societal...



GLOBALINTO studies the impact of intangible capital on innovation and competitiveness

The European Union has granted a funding of EUR 3 million from the Horizon 2020 programme for the GLOBALINTO project on intangible capital for the period 2019–2022. The University of Vaasa is coordinating the research project, and its share of the funding is EUR 600,000.



The University of Vaasa awarded Research Act and Teaching Act of the Year 2018

The University of Vaasa granted the Research Act and Teaching Act awards of last year in the anniversary ceremony on Monday 28th of January. Research Act of the Year 2018 award was granted to Professors Vesa Suutari and Liisa Mäkelä and Assistant Professor Olivier Wurtz from the School of Management. Associate Professor Hanna Leipämaa-Leskinen and University Teacher Olli Raatikainen from the School of Marketing and Communication received Teaching Act of the Year 2015 award.



Global career mobility interests at the University – researchers in the GLOMO project study the wellbeing and career success of expatriates

The international GLOMO project has selected Tania Biswas and Rodrigo de Melo to University of Vaasa as project researchers. As a part of the international research project, they study global mobility from the viewpoints of wellbeing and success.



The University of Vaasa launches career paths leading to professor – first tenure track positions filled

The University of Vaasa has appointed the first researchers to tenure track positions. The tenure track procedure permits the University to offer researchers a career path that enables them to progress through regular evaluations directly to the position of a full professor.



Business studies and economics the strongest research discipline in Finland - University of Vaasa the second largest contributor

The Academy of Finland's annual report on the State of Scientific Research in Finland 2018 (Tieteen tila) was published on 10 December. The report shows that the overall level of Finnish science and research when compared to world standards, continues to improve as it has done for the past few years.