Professor Christer Laurén will receive the 28th Ramon Llull International Prize for Catalan Linguistics and Linguistic Diversity

The jury of the Ramon Llull International Prize has unanimously decided to grant this distinction in its modality of Linguistic Diversity to Professor Christer Laurén, theoretician in the field of language immersion. Professor Laurén has continuously contributed to the study and implementation of language immersion, the promotion of minority languages as tools of social cohesion in the educational field, and the dissemination of Catalan and international language immersion programs . He has...



Dissertation: Successful portfolio management can tackle the sustainability challenge in Finland

Finland is competing within the Nordic region to obtain a high ranking in sustainable development. According to Hosein Daneshpour’s doctoral thesis, the new portfolio management techniques could help to realize the sustainability objectives.



University in the summer 2018

There will be changes in the university office hours on the campus during the summer.



Dissertation: “Good” Corporate governance mechanisms may encourage excessive risk-taking in the banking industry

Jamshed Iqbal's doctoral dissertation titled “Essays on the Relationship between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Risk-Taking by Financial Institutions” examines the effect of corporate governance mechanisms on risk-taking by publicly traded US banks and other financial institutions. The results from Iqbal’s dissertation show that stronger corporate governance mechanisms and shareholder-friendly boards can lead to excessive risk-taking among financial institutions.



Dissertation: Blending two low quality fuels enhances fuel blend properties

Biodiesel is known to be challenging fuel. Blending it with high-sulphuric fossil diesel leads to a win-win situation; the oxidation stability of biodiesel enhances while the total sulphur content decreases. The latter is beneficial for the environment. “For environmental reasons, the sulphur content of fuels has been reduced for several years. The chemical properties of sulphur seem to enhance the stability of biodiesels. The sulphur has the same role in plants and living beings but the...



Dissertation: How to distinguish a great leader in today’s increasingly competitive world?

It has long been understood that leadership behaviour plays a crucial role in keeping employees happy and loyal, which in turn makes a direct contribution to organizational success. But, in today’s increasingly competitive world, how can a great leader be distinguished in a crowded workforce? Thanh Ha-Vikström has in her doctoral thesis introduced two novel ways to measure the effectiveness of leadership behaviour.



Dissertation: Workplace or school commitment is not always as simple as thought – New method to help measure and understand

Jarno Einolander's doctoral dissertation in industrial management examines the models and theories of organisational commitment. The research builds an ontology, or a hierarchical concept model, of holistic commitment and a method that utilises it to measure commitment and its different components in the targeted organisations. Einolander has also built an ontology to model the commitment and engagement of university students to their studies.



Dissertation: This way strategy becomes everyone’s business

Suvi Einola's doctoral dissertation focuses on the eternal Achilles’ heel of organizations: the execution of the strategy. Everyone recognizes an organization where the strategy made by the top management is dusting in the desk drawer when the other organization experiences it as verbiage or even swearword. Once in a while, the management team digs the strategy of the box drawer to find out that the targets set for it have not been met. According to the dissertation, this does not have to be...