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We offer diverse opportunities for lifelong learning and self-development. We actively follow the themes and trends in working life and continuously develop new studies to meet changing needs. Read more about opportunities for continuous learning and update your knowledge.

Would you like to update or extend your knowledge and study while working?

The Open University

The Open University provides university-level education for anyone interested regardless of their educational background, situation in life or age. Open university education has equivalent aims, contents and requirements as the teaching of the degree students. Increase your knowledge with studies at the Open University!

Executive MBA

For a company to succeed, it needs competent employees. MBA, Master of Business Administration, is a continuing education programme for managers. It aims to help the participants in their personal learning as well as to develop the operations of their home organisation and work community.

MBA programmes offer the latest research-based knowledge in different areas of business. The instructors include experts on both theoretical research as well as the nuts and bolts of managing a business.


FITech is a network of Finnish universities which offers free, university-level education in technology. These flexible studies are great for both adult learners and degree students.

Alumni study right

If you have graduated from a master’s degree programme at the University of Vaasa, you can apply for a separate alumni study right.

Monta ihmistä seisoo rivissä yliopiston seinustan edustalla.

Aiming to get a degree?

The Open University

Studies at the Open University may open the door to degree studies. After a certain number of completed credits, you can apply to become a degree student at the University of Vaasa via the so-called open university route. We have prepared some study paths designed for those aiming to get a degree.

Looking for free education?

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