Together towards the Next Win Sports Management and Marketing

The Sports Management and Marketing module consists of two, separate study units of 10 ECTS each: Sports Management and Sports Marketing. The units include contact teaching days as well as online studying and other independent studies in between. You can take them individually or include them in your Executive MBA programme.

The studies will develop your knowledge and understanding of business management and practical skills in the sports business. The education is aimed at executives of sports teams, people working with event marketing, marketing and sales management or sports sponsorships, and managers of events and sports services in municipalities.

The tuition fee of each module is EUR 2,900 + VAT 24% per person.

Sports Management and Marketing will answer the following questions

In which business does our team operate? Do we have the skills to develop our operations in the long term? What new revenue logics can we create to support the success of the team? What is known internationally of creating successful sponsor- and partnerships? Does financial management involve something particularly important for managing risks? What about for people management? How to do events that appeal to emotions? How to incorporate social responsibility into future business? What can we learn from each other?

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Further information

Please contact the project manager of the modules.

Eeva Kuorikoski
Eeva Kuorikoski
Project Manager

Levón Institute, Management and Organizational Development

  • +358 29 449 8422
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