Employee Well-being

and Competence Management (10 ECTS)

A Well-Being Community Is a Well-Performing Community Employee Well-being and Competence Management

Well-being at work affects motivation and the sense of community which, in turn, affect the competitiveness of the company. Well-being can be enhanced with knowledge management which brings together the strategy of the organisation and the knowledge of the personnel. By identifying, maintaining and developing competence, you can attain more efficient working methods, products, innovations and output.

In this study module, the concept of well-being is studied extensively. You will get the means to its systematic development. We will focus on personnel development as a part of the knowledge management of a company. We will study competencies, their definition, evaluation and development.

The tuition fee of the module is EUR 3,500 + VAT 24%. The module is an optional part of our Executive MBA programme. It will be organised next time in Vaasa in spring 2020 and Helsinki in autumn 2020.

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Pia-Liisa Äijö
Pia-Liisa Äijö
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