Top Experts Share Their Knowledge with You Our Teachers

The teachers of executive-level education are top experts in their field and know the latest research-based knowledge and how to put it into practice.

Below are some of our teaching faculty.

Peter Gabrielsson 
  • internationalisation of companies
  • global marketing
  • international entrepreneurship
Maija Harsu
communications consultant, MH Consulting
  • leadership, change management and financial communication
Maria Järlström
university lecturer, programme coordinator (HRM)
  • career orientation, movement and success
  • strategic human resources management
  • responsible human resources management
Marko Järvenpää
  • management accounting
  • performance measurement
  • cost management
  • strategic management accounting
  • controller
  • accounting in corporate governance
Susanna Kultalahti
assistant professor, programme coordinator
  • people of different generations and age in a work community
  • the young generations (millennials)
  • work community skills
  • coaching leadership style
Mika Kärkkäinen
  • economic law
Hannu Laaksonen
  • protection of low-inertia power systems (including microgrids) 
  • active management of flexible energy resources in future smart energy systems
  • future-proof technology and market concepts for smart grids
Tommi Lehtonen
  • value-based management
  • a good and meaningful life
  • sisu
Rodrigo Rabetino
associate professor
  • strategic business models
Arto Rajala
  • B-to-B marketing, especially building and managing business networks
  • business development from the point of view of customer value creation and marketing knowhow
  • changing operating cultures of companies and developing new, networking business concepts
Heli Tulisalo
psychologist, Prover Oy
  • self-knowledge leaders and understanding diversity
  • emotional intelligence in leaders
  • growing as a leader
  • taking the role of a leader successfully
  • coaching leadership style
  • facing challenging situations as a manager
Sami Vähämaa
  • financing