Sports activities for students & staff

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Sport services for the University of Vaasa are for the students and staff.

You can participate in the sports activities by purchasing the sports sticker. This is sold Tuesday Sept. 3rd on from the Student union office located at Domus Bothnica. Payment is accepted in bank- or creditcard.

Academic year 2019-2020 Sports sticker cost

  • Students: 30 € / semester or 50 € / academic year
    Students who qualify for student price must have paid 2019-2020 student union membership fee.
  • Staff: 35 € / semester or 60 € / academic year
    Staff who qualify for staff price must be employees of the University of Vaasa or Postgraduate students

The sticker is attached to student card or separate sports card, that one will receive upon purchase.

The sports services hold for example, morning yoga, pilates, group exercises, cheerleading and a multitude of ball sports. More information on the sports and schedules you can find from Sports schedule.

Information in detail of locations and class managers of classes and sports can be found at Locations and persons in charge. On top of the University of Vaasa’s own sports activities the sports services has cooperation with Åbo Akademi as well as Wasa Sports Club.

You may attend sports classes and functions without prior experience in the sport. You do not have to sign up for the classes separately. In some sports additional gear might be required. You will be briefed more thoroughly on this by the sport managers of the sport.

Do follow your subject of student organizations as well as other student union associations and clubs offers in sports too.

NOTICE! Rememer to join us on Facebook via the page Vaasan Yliopistoliikunta. We will update changes to shifts or classes there 1st.


We have received funding for the project from the department of education and culture.