Sports activities for students & staff

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Sport activities for the University of Vaasa are geared towards students and Schools. During these you can enjoy a variety of exercise activities together with other students and staff.

The activities includes floorball, cheerleading, badminton, volleyball, basketball, soccer, American football, fitness group class and ice hockey. In addition, the University cooperates with Wasa Sports Club, which is located on the University campus. Detailed locations and schedules can be found in the table below.

The aim of student exercise classes is to offer easily available exercise forms especially for students who do not move sufficiently otherwise. In mid-September, the University introduces the Sports Sticker, which gives you access to all the University Sports services.

For students, the price of the Sports Sticker is 30€ per semester or 50€ per academic year.

For University staff members, the price of the Sports Sticker is 35€ per semester or 60€ per academic year.

The stickers are sold from the beginning of week 38 onwards from the Student Union service office. Until then you can try the Sports Services for free!

Some sports requires you to bring your own protection gear. More detailed information on this is available from the person in charge of the exercise class.

The sports sticker can be purchased by all University staff members and attending students.