Personal Study Plan, PSP

All Master’s degree students make a Personal Study Plan (PSP or in Finnish, HOPS) in the beginning of their studies. PSP is an informal agreement between the student and the School (student advisor/teacher) and it can be rechecked and corrected during the studies.

General PSP comprises a timetable of the courses the student is planning to take. It may also include information about thesis, estimated graduation time and some open questions. PSP forms are available online.

More information about PSP is given during the orientation days and in the programme meetings arranged in the beginning of the academic year.

Master's Programmes of Business Studies

Master's Degree Programme in International Business (MIB), Master's Degree Programme in Finance and Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development (SBD)

Personal study plans (PSP) are made electronically through WebOodi. More information will be given at the orientation of the new students and in the links below. Technical instructions for compiling the PSP can be found in WebOodi under Instructions and Links.

Master's Programme in Intercultural Management and Communication

Master's Programmes of the School of Technology and Innovations


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