Teacher's guide

What is EXAM?

EXAM is an electronic exam application. Students take electronic exams independently in the electronic exam room D123, which is located in the sea end of Tervahovi building, on the 1st floor. Students are free to choose the time for their electronic exam from Monday to Friday during 8am - 8pm and on Saturdays during 12pm - 4pm on general Saturday exam days.

  • The electronic exam room is equipped voice and camera surveillance.
  • The computers are equipped with a browser, Adobe Reader, Word, Excel, OneNote, Calculator, Paint and Notepad. Students can open Word, Excel, OneNote, pdf- or picture files, not e.g. PowerPoint-files.
  • The computers have limited access to the internet and only the EXAM application can be accessed with a browser. Access to other websites and the use of memory sticks and CDs is prohibited.
  • The room provides 25 workstations and two of them are wheelchair accessible and equipped with an electronically adjustable desk.

Public general exams or personal exams (usually maturity exams) can be completed as electronic exams. An electronic exam can be used to give the student the whole course grade or a partial course grade.

The time allotted to an electronic exam is usually 2 h 55 min or 1 h 55 min or 55 min. Arriving late reduces the exam time.

Implementation of the EXAM

Teachers can introduce electronic exam as one mode of completing a course. It can also be used for shorter tests during the course.

Teachers can sign in to the application with their University user name and password in https://exam.uwasa.fi/.

The benefits of electronic exam for teacher

  • No need to prepare each exam individually (saving time in the long run)
  • The questions are saved in the personal question bank
  • Better readability of answers
  • There may be more than one teacher handling the exam
  • The student comes to the exam more prepared as s/he can decide the exam time him/herself and because the material for the exam (course books) are better available due to the long exam period
  • Exam papers are always with you!