Registering for an exam

NB! Use Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Safari (IOS).

Registering for a PUBLIC electronix exam

  1. Sign in to EXAM with your University user id and password (link to EXAM will be provided later).
  2. In the dashboard you see all the exams that you have registered for or completed.
  3. Click Exams (1.) in the navigation on the left and type the course code in the search field (2.). You can also search by the teacher's name.
  4. The system gives you a list of exams based on your search, choose the right exam by clicking the little arrow on the green box (3.) to book a time for your exam.

  5. Book a time: Select first the Exam room (1.) after which you will see the available exam time slots. If for health reasons you require an electronic table with a possibility to change its hight, you are able to select it from Accessibility type drop-down-list (2.). Click a suitable exam time slot from the calendar (3.).

  6. Confirm your booking. Your registration appears to your dashboard and you receive a confirmation to your University e-mail. The confirmation contains the basic information about your reservation and the number of the workstation that the system has booked for your exam. If you don't use the University e-mail make sure you have set up a redirection to the e-mail that you do use.

    • The exam you registered for will appear to your Dashboard. (You may later change the exam time or cancel your booking).

    • You will also receive a confirmation of the booking to your University email. The email will contain important information: The number of the workstation in the exam room that has been given to you for your electronic exam session. If you do not actively use your University email, please make sure the emails are forwarded from your University email to the email you do use.

Registering for a PERSONAL exam or MATURITY TEST

  • In the case of maturity test: Register for electronic maturity test: Registration form for electronic maturity test. Fill in the form and send it to your supervisor by email.
  • Log in to EXAM once if you haven't already done so. This is required so that your supervisor finds you in EXAM and can make the maturity test or personal exam specifically for you.
  • When the examiner has created a personal exam or a maturity test for you, the system sends you an e-mail to your University e-mail (
  • When you want to make a booking for a personal exam or a maturity test, the exam is ready on your dashboard when you log into EXAM (you don't need to search for it as you do with a public exam). You just need to book a time for your exam.