Electronic Exam Service

EXAM-room is out of use until further notice. Read more information from University’s Coronavirus infopage.

Electronic examination system EXAM is in use at the University of Vaasa. To take an electronic exam you need a valid user account at the University. You also have to check that you have a study right to complete the course.

The electronic examination room D123 is located in the sea end of Tervahovi, in the 1st floor. An electronic exam can be taken from Monday to Friday during 8:00-20:00 and on Saturdays during 12:00-16:00 on general Saturday exam days.

The EXAM room

The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time surveillance and recording video/sound surveillance.

Even if the student's ID's are not checked before entering the room, we would like to remind you that there will be spot-checks to the room and taking an exam on someone else's behalf is a crime and will always be reported to the police.

Before taking an electronic exam you have

made a reservation in EXAM https://exam.uwasa.fi

What can I take with me to the EXAM room?

You will have to prove your identity on request, so take a photo ID or a student card with you. The exam will be failed, if you take with you anything else. For example, if you need medicines with you, this should be announced in advance at exam(at)univaasa.fi Leave your coat to the coat rack and other belongings to the lockers outside the exam room. Make sure that your mobile phone is turned off or silent in the locker before entering the examination room. Students face has to be visible for the cameras in the room, so baseball caps or other headgear covering the face are prohibited.

How does EXAM work (with general exam)?

Maturity test and personal exam can not be found in EXAM if the student has not agreed about it with the examiner. Do you want to do your maturity test in EXAM?

  1. The teacher enters the basic information and the questions of the exam to EXAM system.
  2. Student enrolls for the exam in the EXAM system.
  3. Student receives an automated confirmation email to the University's email address telling the student the number of the computer that has been given to the student to take the exam at.
    (Teachers are sent automatically once a week a summary by email of the enrollments for teachers' own exams and of the exams requiring evaluation.)
  4. The student does not need a key to enter the exam room. Student leaves his/her coat to the coat rack and other belongings to the lockers, which can be found on the left hand side of the staircase. Student takes the exam in the EXAM-room.
  5. After the exam student empties the locker of his/her belongings right after the exam so that it will be available for the next student taking an electronic exam.
  6. The teacher is informed about the completed exam by e-mail.
  7. The teacher reviews and evaluates the exam and locks the evaluation.
  8. The student is informed about the completed evaluation by email. The student logs into the EXAM to view the evaluation and possible written feedback from the teacher.
  9. The teacher sends the grade to the assistant to be entered in to Oodi.

Benefits of EXAM for students

  • Possibility to divide your studies better
  • Possibility to choose the best exam time at the appropriate time
  • Better sufficiency of course books
  • Calmer exam situation
  • Possibility to use a computer to take the exam

Conditions of use

By using the Electronic Exam Service you undertake to abide by the conditions of use. The student consents to audio and video surveillance and to the combining of information of the examinations systems in order to confirm identity.

  1. In electronic examinations the evaluation regulations will be those governing studies at the University of Vaasa.
  2. The rules governing use of information systems (in Finnish) will apply in electronic examinations.
  3. The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time and recording video and audio surveillance.

    Privacy Policy Electronic exam system (in Finnish)
    Privacy Policy Recording video surveillance (in Finnish)

More information about the Electronic Exam Service: exam(at)univaasa.fi.

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