How to apply for special arrangements?

In case you need special support and guidance or special arrangements to study, please contact the University either before your studies begin or before a course starts. If it is a question of a short term/sudden need (e.g. a hand fracture), contact the University as soon as possible after the incident, so that there will be time to make special study arrangements.

In case the need for special arrangements is known in advance and you have an expert opinion or a medical certificate concerning the problem, you need them when applying for special arrangements. Please take them with you when you arrive at the University of Vaasa.

Exchange students

Exchange students should contact the International Education Specialist,

Degree students

In case you need special support and guidance or special arrangements for your study, please turn to the contact person of your degree programme or the Study Psychologist.

Special arrangements are applied for with Application form for special arrangements of studies. You can print it from this page or you can go and get it from the International Education Specialist (Luotsi, 1st floor). It is also possible to fill the form online and print it. Do not forget to sign!

In the application you define what kind of special arrangements you need and justify them. Enclose with the application the original expert statements (such as doctor’s, psychologist’s or speech therapist’s or other such like person’s certificate) giving grounds for applying for special arrangements.

Submit the application and expert statements to the Study Psychologist Ray Ohtonen with whom you can discuss the special arrangements. Remember to make an appointment with the Study Psychologist in advance! After the discussion the Study Psychologist presents a recommendation of special arrangements and sends a copy of the 2nd page of the application to the contact person of your own study programme. If the recommendation is related to centralised examination arrangements, the Assistant in Student Services who is in charge of exam arrangements will also receive the recommendation section of the application.

The Study Psychologist will send you a copy of your application and the recommendation together with the expert statement. The original application is stored for the duration of your study-right at most, unless you request its removal from the archive at an earlier stage.

The validity period is specified in the recommendation. If required, you can apply for special arrangements again, if e.g. your status changes or your studies continue and you need special arrangements after the validity period.

Use the recommendation when you discuss special arrangements with teachers. You can show the teacher only the second page i.e. the actual recommendation. The application is confidential and information on health is classified.

Apart from the Study Psychologist, no other member of the University Staff (teachers, contact persons) can see the expert statements attached to your application without your permission.

The purpose of special arrangements is to safeguard your opportunity to learn and demonstrate your knowledge. It is, however, important to realise that the teacher evaluates and defines the implementation of special arrangements on the basis of the objectives of the course. Special arrangements must not prevent achieving the learning objectives of the course.