Organisation of studies and study counselling

It is important that study and teaching arrangements and practices are implemented so that all students get the support they require in their studies.

International students get guidance and counselling relating to applying and studying e.g. from teachers and personnel in charge of study counselling in Schools as well as from the Admission Services and Mobility Services, both located in the Luotsi building 1st floor. The University also has a study psychologist.

At the University of Vaasa, students can for a specific reason apply for special arrangements related to study. Special arrangements refer to specific measures that have been taken to support study and are related to the completion of studies. Special arrangements shall not, however, prevent meeting of the learning outcomes set for the course. Applications are handled and organisation dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Special arrangements can refer e.g. to moving to a room that is accessible for the student, delivering the teaching material in advance or individual exam arrangements (such as extended time, undisturbed room or allowing the use of a computer). Grounds for requesting special arrangements could be for example hearing/visual or other such impairment, dyslexia and related learning disorder, panic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, mental problems, allergy or other hypersensitivity.

For more specific instructions for special arrangements see How to apply for special arrangements.

In case you need special arrangements only in examination, see Special arrangements in examination.

It is recommended to fill out the needs and requests for special arrangements in the personal study plan PSP. By means of PSP it is easy to inform teachers and other study counsellors of needs and requests.

The University does not offer interpretation services. Aid and equipment needed for study are provided when and if possible. Mostly lecture halls in the campus area are technically well equipped and it is possible to use up-to-date educational technology there. If you already have equipment that assists your study, bring them with you when you arrive to the University of Vaasa. The university has portable induction equipment of which further information is given by Facility Services.

The library offers services that support accessible study, such as an extended loan period of textbooks for students with dyslexia. The Finnish state-owned special library Celia provides equal access to fiction and non-fiction including educational material in accessible formats, such as talking books, Braille and e-books, free of charge for people who have difficulties with reading traditional printed books.

The study material (e.g. books) required for a course is listed in the study guide. In addition, the rest of the material (e.g. literature) needed during the course is announced when teaching starts. It is possible to contact the teacher in charge of the course in advance for example by e-mail.