Special arrangements in examinations

It is possible that a student taking an exam may need special arrangements. Special arrangements can be e.g. extended time, separate place, auxiliary equipment or a bigger font of the examination questions.

Exchange students

Exchange students should contact the International Education Specialist; incoming.international(at)univaasa.fi

Degree students

In case you need special arrangements in an exam, contact the contact person of your own study programme or the Study Psychologist Ray well in advance before the first examination or if the need in question is of short duration/sudden (e.g. broken arm), as quickly as possible after the need has occurred.

Fill in the Application for Special Arrangements of Studies form where you explain what kind of special arrangements you need and attach to your application an expert statement that proves the need for special arrangements.

The Study Psychologist processes the application and makes the decision of special arrangements, in which case the exam is usually arranged in a separate room. The Study Psychologist forwards the recommendation on special arrangements to you together with the statement from the expert.

For more specific instructions see How to apply for special arrangements?

In case the need for special arrangements is of short duration or sudden and only applies to exams on official exam dates (e.g. a need to use a computer to take an exam because of a broken arm) it is sufficient that you contact the Assistant in Education Services who is in charge of exam arrangements.

Examination taken in a separate space

Students needing special arrangements to take an examination can do it in a place that is available for all University of Vaasa students who need special arrangements.

The room that is usually used in such cases is the group study room K328 in Tritonia where there is recordable camera surveillance. Before the first exam of this kind, the student has to sign an permission for the recording of the examination occasion.

If you need special arrangements in the examination, you must always remember to register both in WebOodi and in the International Office. You must also deliver your consent to the recording of the examination to the International Office before taking the first examination in a separate space.