Registration for Courses


All the courses require registration beforehand, and the registration should be done one week before the course begins at the latest. However, there may be some exceptions to the rule. For example, you should register for the courses in International Marketing at least two weeks before the beginning of the course. Registration to the language courses organised by the Language Centre is done twice a year: In the beginning of the autumn semester and in November-December.

Information about the registration deadline is available in the course descriptions. The course registration is done in Weboodi system.

Right to Participate in Courses

The number of participants in regular lecture courses is usually not limited. Any student who has registered for the course before the deadline is welcome to attend the lectures.

Limitations to the number of participants are possible especially in courses based on individual guidance, such as courses with exercise groups, labs, and language courses, as well as in some lecture courses in which teaching methods require smaller group sizes. Because of the limited number of students who can be accepted in the course, some of the students may not receive the right to take part in the course right away. In this case, students are selected on the basis of specific criteria which may include, for example, the number of completed study credits, major subject or year of study.

Some of the courses may include exercises. If the exercises are required for the completion of courses, there may be several options for exercise groups available for students. Please note that you may register for all the exercise groups that fit in to your timetable, and set the order of preference for your registrations in WebOodi system.

Registration for exams must be done one week (7 days) before the exam day at the very latest. Registration opens in WebOodi 45 days before the exam day.


In addition to registering for a course in WebOodi, students are expected to attend the first meeting of the course to ensure their place in the group. If there is a waiting list for the course and some of the registered students do not attend the first meeting, their seats may be given to the students on the waiting list.

If you would like to cancel your participation in a course, you may cancel your registration in WebOodi before the course begins. In case the course has already begun, please inform the teacher about your cancellation as soon as possible.

Please also note

  • Only students who have registered as attending are allowed to take part in the courses.
  • If there are limitations on the number of participants, you may check if you received a seat in the course in WebOodi before the course begins. The status of registration may be one of the following:
    • Registration: You have made a registration for a teaching event. The status of your registration is “Registration” if you have been accepted to a teaching event or if there were places left or if you are on the reserve list.
    • Confirmed registration: The teacher has approved the registration for the teaching event. The status of all events will not change into “Confirmed”; the Confirmed status concerns mainly exams and those courses, for which there is a predefined maximum number of participants (e.g. language courses).
    • Failed result: Your registration for a teaching event has been rejected. A registration may be rejected if e.g. your semester registration is missing or your right to study does not entitle you to take part in the teaching event. A registration may also be rejected because the group size did not allow it.