Requirements for Internship Voucher


Requirements for receiving an internship voucher

  • The student is an attending basic degree student in the University of Vaasa.
  • The student has at least 160 credits in the study register during the time of application or the student is studying in a Master's degree programme.
  • The student completes his/her Master's degree after the internship.
  • The student commits to include the internship as part of his/her degree.
  • The student has not used an internship voucher before.
Conditions that improve the receiving of an internship voucher:
  • The student has completed a Bachelor’s degree or a degree comparable to a Bachelor's degree.
  • The need for an internship voucher (Personal Study Plan for Internship, the employer requires an internship voucher, the application process for internship placement is already ongoing)
  • The student's need for work experience according to his/her career plan or in his/her field of study.
  • The student has not received a grant for subsidized internship or used an internship voucher earlier in the University of Vaasa.

Requirements for using an internship voucher

  • The student notifies the career services about the received internship placement by the appointed time.
  • The internship begins during the year in which the internship voucher is granted.
  • The internship period lasts a minimum of 3 months, or in part-time work a period within which the working hours are equal to 3 months full-time work.
  • The student commits to include the internship as part of the degree and doesn't graduate during internship.
  • The teacher responsible for internships has accepted the internship as part of the degree.
  • The student does not receive Erasmus grant or a grant from the Finnish National Agency for Education for the internship.
  • The work tasks correspond with the student's career plan.
  • The internship is a new job or includes new tasks for the intern.
  • The internship takes place in a private, public or third sector organization in Finland or a Finnish public sector organization abroad (e.g. Finnish embassy).
  • The employer pays the intern a salary that meets the terms of employment in Finland according to Kela.
  • The intern has an appointed supervisor at the workplace who is responsible for instructing the intern throughout the internship.

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