Internship Voucher


Additional Voucher Application Period
in the autumn 2020
Application period: 7.9.-31.10.2020 or
as long as vouchers run out.
Further information about applying.

Internship Voucher is a financial internship subsidy granted by the University of Vaasa. The internship voucher is worth 1800€ and you can use it for an internship period minimum of three (3) months.

The internship voucher can be used in a private, public or third sector organization in Finland or in a Finnish public sector organization abroad, e.g. a Finnish embassy.

The voucher is paid to the employer after the internship. The intern has a normal employment contract with the hiring organization. The employer must pay a monthly salary that meets the minimum requirements regarding the terms of employment in Finland according to Kela. The employer sends an invoice to the university after the internship period.

How to apply for an internship voucher

  • You can apply for an internship voucher only during application periods: during autumn (November 15-30) and spring (March 15-31).
  • Apply for an internship voucher by filling in an online application form. (Check the requirements for receiving an internship voucher before applying.)
  • At the time of application, you don't need to know in which organization you will be doing your internship.
  • You can apply for an internship voucher again if you haven't used it earlier.

Selecting internship vouchers

  • Internship vouchers are granted within allocated budget for students of all Schools.
  • In the selection process the following information given by the student is taken into consideration: the stage of studies, the plan for completing an internship and the need for an internship voucher to support employment within the field of study.
  • All applicants will be informed by email (university email address) about the results of the selection process within two (2) weeks from the end of the application period.

Using the internship voucher and internship agreement

  • Notify the university career services about your received internship placement right after receiving it and before the internship begins. (Check the requirements for using an internship voucher.) If you don’t use the internship voucher granted to you within the given time period, it will automatically return to career services.
  • If your internship placement meets the requirements, the career services will send you a Personal Study Plan for internship to be filled in and an employer information form to be delivered to the employer.

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