Credits for Internship

It may be possible to include the internship in your degree and receive credits in your records based on the work you do. The number of credits and the assessment methods vary, though. Therefore you need to contact the person responsible for the internship well before the planned start of your internship period. It will be easier for you to prepare your internship report when you have a clear topic and aim for the report, and you have agreed on the practical matters with the contact person.

For internships occuring outside of Finland the student and the responsible person need to fill out the agreement document before the internship starts: Agreement on international internships -document.

Languages and Communication

Contact persons:

  • Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Studies in Communication and Administration (ICS) and Master's Programme in Intercultural Management and Communication (IMCo): Marjukka Isaksen

Business Studies

Contact persons:

  • Master's Degree Programme in International Business: Minnie Kontkanen
  • Master's Degree Programme in Finance: Tuukka Järvinen
  • Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development: Rodrigo Rabetino

Internship guidelines for students of Business Studies.


Contact persons:

  • Master's Programme in Industrial Management: Daniel Sahebi
  • Master's Programme in Communications and Systems Engineering: Tobias Glocker
  • Master's Programme in Industrial Systems Analytics: Emmanuel Ndzibah

Internship guidelines for students of Technology.