Internship for University Students

Practical Training

Practical training is both learning and working in temporary employment that corresponds with your field of study. The training period gives your employer a possibility to meet a potential employee, and you a chance to show your know-how. There are many ways to find a suitable position, so there are also many ways to complete a practical training period.

  • Practical training can be completed without financial support from the university. In this case, you agree independently on the time period and salary of the training with your employer. The university is involved only when you agree with the teacher in charge of practical training credits that the training is included in your degree. Also, the university can furnish the employer with a certificate that the training is included in the curriculum. You can request the certificate from the Academic Affairs of your study field.
  • Another option is practical training on financial support from the university. All basic degree students of the University of Vaasa can apply for funding for practical training. The applicant is the student, and the employer is the receiver of the grant.
  • Also, practical training positions are available in various units of the university. The vacancies become available around the year. You are eligible for these positions if you have not received financial support for practical training from the university.
  • The fourth option is practical training outside Finland. You can find a position yourself or through various training programmes.