Internship abroad

Internship abroad provides you with work experience, language skills, intercultural skills, and contacts. Regardless of how you get an internship, both finding the position, the application process, and the internship itself requires considerable initiative and flexibility from you. An internship completed abroad can also be included in your degree.

You can find an internship abroad by yourself or through various internship programmes. Also, these useful links may help you in the search process. Look for organisations and associations that offer internships. Take care to find out about application deadlines!

If you seek for an internship by yourself, do also research on the country where you wish to go. If you find an interesting business or public sector actor, be confident and contact them directly. Send a written application letter and CV to the Head of Personnel or a departmental director of the company or institution in their corporate language or English. Call or send e-mail after a few weeks and make enquires on your chances to get an internship. Larger corporations and associations also often have a web page on internship possibilities.

Issues that you need to take care of before leaving are work and residence permits, and taxation. Further information can be found from EURES at TE Service.

Financing the Internship

Usually employers pay interns a salary. However, internships abroad are often unpaid, or the salary is very small. Because of this, some associations that organize international internships award funding or grants for the internships.

The University of Vaasa may provide funding for an international internship in two ways: either as grant for Erasmus-internship in EU/EEA countres or University internship voucher in Finnish public sector organizations abroad.