Freemover exchange


If you cannot find a suitable exchange destination from the partner universities of the University of Vaasa or you want to go to a certain country, city or university, you can organise the exchange yourself. This is referred to as a freemover exchange, where the student personally manages and finances the exchange. University of Vaasa provides assistance. University of Vaasa does not provide any financial help. The student can either contact individual universities to see if they accept freemovers and what the conditions are or the student can use different organisations and actors providing such exchanges.


Contact the university or the actor providing such services to see if they accept freemovers / visiting students / non-degree students and what they require. Good questions to ask are:

  • Are there any tuition fees and how much are they?
  • How and when to apply?
  • What kind of assistance they offer, academic counselling and every-day life assistance?
  • What courses can a student study on such a status?
  • Do they require language tests or any other tests
  • Possibility of a scholarship?

Pleae note that the process might take a long time, so the earlier you start and prepare the better. Consult the website and staff of the university you are interested in or the staff of the organisation providing the service.

University of Vaasa and freemover exchange


Check from the coordinator of international education of your programme that the courses you will be doing during the freemover exchange and approved and transferred into your Vaasa degree upon return, fill out the learning agreement together. Notify of any changes to your study plan during your exchange (Learning agreement)

Notify Mobility services of your freemover exchange with an e-mail stating the dates, host country and university of your exchange: Send us a copy of the acceptance letter to the freemover university and copy of the approved learning agreement. We can add you into our database and send you important reminders throughout your exchange.

Students must be marked as attending at the University of Vasa during their freemover exchange as the courses will be transferred into your Vaasa degree, also if you are eligible (and using) the KELA study grant, you must be atttending.

Inform KELA (if eligible for the KELA grant) of your freemover exchange. You will need copy of the acceptance letter to freemover university (showing the dates of your exchange) and some evidence that the studies are approved by the University of Vaasa (Learning Agreement)

Upon return you need to return to mobility services

Courses and credits done at the freemover exchange msut be transferred to the Vaasa degree and this is done in the faculty based on the transcript from freemover university. Please consult the international coordinator of your programme.

Examples of  freemover exchanges

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) - German Academic Exchange Service

Scholarship programme funded by Germany

Kilroy Education Finland
Kilroy Education co-operates with universities in Australia, new Zealand, USA and Canada

Asia Exchange

Asia exchange  co-operates with universities in Asia

Academy Access

Asia exchange  co-operates with universities in Asia and Australia.

Free Mover Opiskelijavaihto

Freee-Mover co-operates with universities in Asia, Australia and South America

JAMK UAS Doing Business in Latin America

Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciencs has a specific prgramme on doing business in Latin America

Centria UAS China-programme

Centria University of Applied Sciencs has a specific China prgramme

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