Completion of Studies


The degree contents and requirements are described in the curriculum of each programme. The study programmes have their own structure and requirements for awarding the target degree. The Master's programmes contain a certain amount of compulsory courses which all the students must complete. In addition to the compulsory courses, students have the possibility to select optional courses supporting the core studies of the programme. In some programmes, it is also possible to include a minor subject to the degree. It is recommended that international students complete Finnish or Swedish language courses during their studies at the University.

International degree students have the possibility to complete part of their studies abroad.

In some cases, you may complete part of your studies in other Finnish universities or Open Universities. You have the chance to apply for compensation of studies completed outside the University of Vaasa if the studies are relevant to your degree at the university.

Some studies may be completed outside the university also through JOO flexible study right scheme.