About the Programme

The Master's Programme in Industrial Systems Analytics (ISA) provides content, models and methods to design, develop, implement and operate complex processes and systems in the energy sector organizations. Energy systems are complex systems that require a holistic understanding and thus multiple perspectives of research and education. Energy systems can be seen as socio-technical systems, and the new ISA programme is built from Technology, Organization and People perspectives (TOP). Systems dynamics and systems thinking are the connecting elements necessary for the programme. It is important to understand how the technology and people are organized to achieve the goals.

The program prepares the students to develop and manage product and service innovation for industrial energy systems, delivery and use. The courses consist of lectures, team work assignments, projects, presentations and final exams.

The topics taught in this programme include Data science and analytics, Quality engineering, Systems engineering, Decision support, Project management and Industrial project work.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the programme you will be able to

  • produce knowledge and insights from energy system data
  • develop and operate high quality standard for energy operations
  • design and operate successful energy systems
  • include quantitative and qualitative input streams for decision making
  • plan and manage projects in the energy field

Degree Certificates

  • Master of Science in Technology
  • Diplomi-insinööri