Student Union of the University of Vaasa

The purpose of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa (VYY) is to unite students and promote their social and spiritual ambitions. VYY is there for its members - its function is to connect its members and enhance their societal, social and mental welfare. The Student Union and its activities are based on active members, and thus every member has an opportunity to influence the future development of the Student Union.

VYY was founded on 19 September 1968. The anniversary ball is arranged in February annually. VYY is a member of the National Union of Finnish Students (SYL), whose purpose is to promote students' rights and formulate policies on a national level.


All degree and exchange students enrolled at the University may belong to the Student Union and therefore use the services VYY provides.

For Master’s degree students, the membership is compulsory. Master's degree students must pay the student union membership fee in the beginning of each academic year if they register as attending.

For exchange students and doctoral students, the membership is optional. Please note that Doctoral students are entitled to the services of the Student Union by paying the membership fee, but they are not entitled to the student health care, discounts on travelling tickets, or subsidised meals

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The activities of the Student Union deal with diverse services for its members and protection of students’ interests. Executive power is vested in the Union Board, which consists of a chairman and six members. The members chair different committees dealing with international affairs, communication, culture and sports, university politics, business and social matters. The highest administrative body is the 30-member Student Union Council. The Students Union also employs secretarial staff, for example Secretary General and Specialist in Student Interests.

VYY, with its committees and clubs, offers students a great deal of activities, such as parties, social evenings, visits to cultural events, various forms of physical recreation, and a lot more. The Student Union is the place where students can find help and guidance for whatever problems they have concerning their studies and also otherwise.

You are warmly welcome to join the activities of the student union!

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