Expenses and Financing of Studies


Cost of Studies

Tuition fees concern non-EU/EEA students in Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes offered in English. Doctoral level studies or degree programmes offered in Finnish or Swedish are not subject to tuition fees. The level of tuition fee in international Master's programmes of University of Vaasa has been set to 10,000 - 12,000 euro depending on the programme. More information is available here.

Financial Support

As of 2017 when the tuition fees were introduced by the Finnish Government, the University of Vaasa offers a scholarship programme for international students who are subject to tuition fees. Degree students are eligible for a Finnish state scholarship and a state-guaranteed bank loan only if they have lived in Finland for at least two years in some capacity other than that of a student and if their residence in Finland can be considered to be of a permanent nature. Those who have sufficient other income or who progress poorly in their studies are not eligible for support. As a rule, foreigners who have lived in Finland for less than two years are not eligible for financial support unless specific reasons make their residence in Finland permanent. More information may be obtained from Kela office.

Some scholarship schemes for international students are offered by Finnish National Agency for Education.

European Funding Guide assists students (EU citizens) who seek financial aid: www.european-funding-guide.eu.

You can also take a look at following external scholarship schemes:

Please note that University of Vaasa is not involved in any of the above listed scholarship schemes. The study programmes offered by the University are full-time programmes and thus working is not an option when it comes to financing the studies in Finland.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Finland is on average comparable to the rest of Western Europe. For basic expenses such as food, rent, and transportation, a student will need 500 – 800 euros per month, which will be roughly spent in the following way:

  • Rent 250 – 400 €
  • Food 150 – 250 €
  • Other expenses 150 – 200 €

Please note that costs can vary a lot from student to student depending on lifestyle.

Finnish Immigration Service requires sufficient means of support from students applying for residence permit. More information on the requirements is available on their website.

Student Union

The Student Union membership fee for Master’s students must be paid in the beginning of each academic year. The fee entitles students to the services of the Student Union, subsidised meals in the university restaurants, health care services in YTHS/FSHS, discounts, as well as cultural and social activities and sports.

Study Material

The cost of study material may vary from field to field. Students may need to buy, for example, hand-outs for some courses. Most of the course literature, however, is available at the academic library Tritonia or in the city library. Their services are free of charge. Please notice, however, that it might be necessary sometimes to buy some books to use them as reference books at home.

Student Discounts

As members of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa, international Master's degree students are entitled to various discounts on and off campus. The discounts will be given by showing the Student Union ID-card, either electronic or a plastic card. Discount is not necessarily offered for a holder of an international student identification card. Finnish student card qualifies Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students for subsidised meals at University cafeterias and restaurants, discounts on travelling tickets (railways and long-distance coaches -50 %) and locally for various discounts on theatres, museums and even in many stores.

To obtain the student card, students need to pay the Student Union membership fee and fill in an electronic application form. More information on the card is given in the orientation days by the Student Union.

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