There are several options for finding an apartment available in Vaasa. Please note that all of the following are independent companies, and any inquiries should be addressed to them directly.




VOAS (Vaasa Student Housing Foundation)

VOAS (The Vaasa Student Housing Foundation) provides accommodation for approximately 3 700 students in the Vaasa region. However, VOAS cannot accommodate all the students of the region, and therefore, applying by the deadline does not guarantee that you will get a room.

Student accommodation facilities are situated in various parts of the city, generally in the form of terraced houses or blocks of flats. The rent for a room in a student flat varies approximately from 200 euros to 350 euros per month depending on size and location. Rent for family accommodation varies from 300 euros to 450 euros per month. The deposit for a shared student flat is 300 euros and for family accommodation 400-500 euros. Please note that VOAS is a private company and not part of the University of Vaasa.

About 50 per cent of the student accommodation is meant for students living alone (box apartments). A box apartment means that you have own room, but that you share the kitchen and also the bathroom with one to three other students of the same sex. Laundry is in the real estate or in immediate connection to it.

In general, costs of electricity and internet are included in the rent. In case electricity is not included in the rent, it is mentioned in the presentation of the dwelling. A separate furniture fee is collected for furnished rooms, the cost varies from 10 to 12 euros, and the tenants will be charged 12/euros/room/month for water.

About 40 per cent of the box apartments are furnished. The furniture consists of a writing table, chair, book shelf, reading lamp, roof lamp and bed with a mattress. In the shared kitchen there is dining room furniture, table and chairs. The resident has to bring/buy own dishes and bed clothing.

VOAS also offers family apartments from one room and kitchen to four rooms and kitchen. The family apartment is a normal, unfurnished apartment which is rented out only to people belonging to the same family. One room and kitchen apartments are rented either to married or unmarried couples but also for students living alone.

Applying for a VOAS apartment

Students are expected to contact VOAS directly to apply for an apartment. The electronic application form and information on apartments is available at VOAS website. The electronic application form has to be returned to VOAS by 30 June (autumn semester) and 31 October (spring semester). However, we recommend that you apply for apartment as soon as possible since applications may be handled on a first come - first served basis.

If you receive an offer from VOAS about the accommodation, you have to confirm that you will accept the offer by paying the deposit by the deadline mentioned in the offer. Note also that you have to pay the rent starting from the date that you have verified in your reservation even if you would be arriving after that date. Usually the tenancy begins from the beginning of the month.

Please note that you are not allowed to terminate your lease if going away for the summer and returning again for the autumn.

The contact information of the VOAS office is:

Olympiakatu 3 Q
FI-65100 Vaasa
Fax: + 358 (0) 6 327 6530

Note: In cases of problems in the VOAS apartments / houses caused by exchange students of the University of Vaasa, the following procedure will be followed:

  • If VOAS has to send a notice / warning to an exchange student of the University of Vaasa for breaking the rules etc., the University of Vaasa will inform the exchange student's home university of the matter.
  • If an exchange student of the University of Vaasa receives three notices / warnings from VOAS, the exchange is terminated and the exchange student will be sent home.

Kiinteistö Oy Pikipruukki Fastighets Ab

Pikipruukki is one of the main housing companies in Vaasa. The company owns a large variety of well-maintained apartments, with attention to making the locations comfortable, peaceful and safe places to live. Pikipruukki offers apartments in various locations in Vaasa, the apartment offerings can be found from their website. The apartments are non-furnished.

There are homes for all kinds of needs: 1 to 3- room apartments, and larger family apartments, in row houses and larger apartment buildings. Studio and 2-room apartments may be quite hard to get, but a good solution is to apply for a bigger apartment (e.g. 3 rooms and a kitchen) with a couple of friends. Please note, that in the room marking, living room is always included (e.g. “3R” is 2 bedrooms + living room). Students will apply for an apartment themselves.

Water charges, heating, broadband and payment for laundry room are included in rent. Payment for house sauna is included in rent in apartments which do not have own sauna. The use of electricity is not included in rent in most of the apartments.

When students receive an apartment from Pikipruukki, they can contact for example Vaasa Electricity (Vaasan Sähkö) to open an electricity contract. You can contact the electricity company by emailing them asiakaspalvelu(at) at least 1 week before moving in.

To open an electricity agreement you need to inform:

  • Full name, date of birth, passport number (if not a Finnich social security number), phone number, full address of the apartment and from what day the electricity needs to be running.

Private Market

You may also want to search for an apartment from the private market. There are quite a lot of apartments available, but naturally the price may vary a lot. Please note that the Admission and Mobility Services at the University of Vaasa are unable to offer assistance in finding accommodation in the private market.

Here are some suggestions on searching for an apartment from the private market:

  • The City of Vaasa website has a list of private companies renting apartments in Vaasa. The list is in Finnish, but you can see the contact information of the companies and direct links to their websites.
  • You may also check the online portal You can search apartments available at the moment in Vaasa by typing 'Vaasa' in the location box.
  • Student Mundial accommodation platform for students

Housing Rules and Regulations

In Finland, the housing companies establish rules and regulations concerning for instance the quiet hours of the day or instructions about the use of shared facilities of the building. Following of the rules ensure a pleasant and safe home for all residents, while disobeying of the housing rules might lead to the termination of the tenancy agreement.

Please familiarize yourself with the general rules and regulations of your own building!

See more information about housing rules and regulation.

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