Guidance via Email

If you contact a teacher or other staff via email, it is good to keep in mind that the subject of your email should be clear and concise and describe the contents of your message. The message should contain a description of the problem or question, and indicate the course you are referring to if the question is related to your course. Please remember also to state your full name, student number, student status, and preferrably your study programme in the email.

Please be prepared to wait for an answer to your email for some days. The teachers and staff may have reserved certain days for going through their emails, and they may not be able to answer your immediately. Please be patient.

Email is a convenient and easy way to contact teachers and staff, but sometimes it is good to consider other methods for contacting them. You often receive the answer quickly simply by visiting the teacher or other staff during their office hours. Please also remember to check if the information you are looking for is available online at the university webpages before sending your question by email.

If you contact a teacher or other staff by email, please use your university email account for sending the message. It is not recommended that students use their private email accounts for study-related questions.