Nayoung Choi

Posted on 29/10/15. -

Nayoung Choi

"Opportunities to get wider and more valuable experiences"

Nayoung Choi from South-Korea studied in the Master's programme in International Business and graduated as a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration.

She is currently working as a research officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Finland. During her studies, Ambassadors from different countries visited University of Vaasa and she had the opportunity to meet the Korean Ambassador.  It was after the meeting when she became interested in working at the Embassy. Nayoung was just graduating when the Embassy had an opening. She began her work first as a substitute, but was later hired as a full-time employee.

Her work entails researching Finnish related issues such as welfare systems, regulations or other political, cultural and economic matters when needed. Assisting diplomats to organize cultural events and other administrative tasks are part of her daily work.

Nayoung says that though her work is not directly related to business, the study programme gave a variety of other skills as well, which were appreciated by the employer; “There are lots of opportunities to get wider and more valuable experiences, such as exchange programs, field trips or seminars”. The multicultural understanding and excellent English skills, which she gained during her studies, was an asset when applying to work at the Embassy.

She says that students should challenge themselves during the studies and seek new things to experience. The programme provided a good platform to experience things in a multicultural environment, and it encourages students for internationalization. “From new experiences, we always learn something and have more creative ideas and thinking. Those will make you become an attractive candidate when you apply for a job later!”