Denis Davydov

Posted on 24/09/13. -

Country of Origin: Kyrgyzstan

"Degree Supplemented with International Spirit and Scientific Atmosphere"

Graduated from: Master's Degree Programme in Finance

After graduating in business administration in Kyrgyzstan, Denis Davydov decided to take the Master's Degree Programme in Finance. For this purpose, he chose the University of Vaasa. After graduating from the programme with excellent qualifications and obtaining a Master of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration, Denis continued his education at the University. He is currently a Doctoral student and works as an acting assistant at the Department of Accounting and Finance.

"Two years of Master's studies gave me not only academic knowledge but also provided me with huge experience in practical research and analytical skills. Supplemented with an international spirit and scientific atmosphere, the University of Vaasa is one of the best places to study and to enjoy student life."