Chinonso Ezeobi

Posted on 11/08/15. -

Chinonso Ezeobi

"A Challenging but a Rewarding Programme"

Originally I come from Ekwulobia, Aguata local Government area, Anambra state Nigeria. I studied in the Master's Programme in Communications and Systems Engineering, formerly known as Telecommunication Engineering. I graduated in 2015.

The three factors, which made me choose the University of Vaasa as my study place, were the cost, class size and beautiful landscape of the university close to the sea. For a self-sponsored student like me, Finland with free tuition in the higher education sector was a very big attraction. The class size of 25 students appealed to me having done my bachelors in my home country, where a class is always above 50 students. The small class size made the teaching easier and the facility was very useful and modern. Taking a walk along the sea shore when stressed or in the middle of solving important problem is self-healing.

The program is abreast with the current technological trend. It is very adaptive; this can be seen from the continuous adjustment in course content that lead to the change of the name of the program from Telecommunication Engineering to Communications and Systems Engineering. Students are given option of either taken software or Telecommunications path in their thesis. Small class also encourages strong teacher student interaction.

I had the opportunity to meet people from almost all the continent of the world. Volunteering for tutoring made it feasible for me to meet as many people as possible from different background and also a unique opportunity to have real life interactions with Finns.

Finland is a very close to nature and sense of security is awesome. The educational system is reputed to be the best in the world but it has transformed my life now that I have witnessed it. The way I read and study have been positively influenced. I recommend the programme for any student that is hardworking, willing to learn something new and not afraid of being on the spot -otherwise the program will be challenging.

After graduation, my immediate plan is to travel back to my country to spend some time with my family but the long term plan is to go back to school for PhD as soon as I can secure admission. Finally, my appreciation to Faculty of Technology in particular and University of Vaasa in general for nominating and granting Aktia Foundation scholarship award to me during the public graduation event in 29th May of 2015.