Caner Çuhac

Posted on 06/02/14. -

Country of Origin: Turkey

"Good Collaboration with the Industry"

Graduated from: Master's Programme in Communications and Systems Engineering (formerly the Master's Programme in Telecommunication Engineering)

Caner studied Electronics and Communication Engineering in Yildiz Technical University in Turkey before coming to Finland.

"I had been looking for study possibilities in almost every country in Europe. Finally I came to conclusion that there are no tuition fees for studying a Master's degree in Scandinavia. So I went through some universities and University of Vaasa was one of them. I was extremely happy when I read the e-mail coming from international office that I got acceptance."

Currently Caner is working at the University of Vaasa in Department of Computer Science as a project researcher.

"As a project researcher I am often in contact with the industry. My typical day is doing hardware and software design for companies that need product prototyping in order to test new technologies."

The best thing Caner got from the programme was the chance to choose his thesis topic related to an ongoing project at the University. In addition to that, he got better ideas about control system design and modeling during his studies. Caner thinks the strengths of the programme include good software courses and good collaboration with the industry.