Anita Boey

Posted on 28/06/13. -

Country of Origin: Canada

"A Unique Learning Environment"

Graduated from: Master's Degree Programme in Intercultural Studies in Communication and Administration

Upon completing her Honors degree in Communication from the U.S., Anita wanted to explore a totally different part of the world and also take on the challenge of learning in another education system. Finland came up first on her list of places to go.

"I still remember the first time I visited University of Vaasa's website and was in awe of the photos of the beautiful seaside campus. I told myself that I will study here; in addition, University of Vaasa offered programmes that fit perfectly with my previous training in Communication, and also in International Business."

One of the strengths of studying at the University of Vaasa was that there were students from all continents of the world. The ICS programme equips its students with theoretical and practical tools which have enabled Anita to now teach a Communication course in a Canadian university as part of her academic career as a doctoral student in Human Resource Management at York University in Toronto, Canada.

"Living in Vaasa will always be one of the highlights of my life. The small city had everything you needed and it's a very foreigner-friendly place. The long winters would make you challenge yourself to new winter sports, and activities which you will enjoy with friends."