Online Learning Agreement

As an Erasmus+ exchange student you must report your selection of courses for each semester in a Learning Agreement. European Commission has developed a platform to handle Learning Agreements online.

With the OLA you can fill and change data online. Please register yourself in the portal or download the Erasmus+ app and do the registeration with the app

Both portal and the app lead  you to the same target. Once you have registered, you have the same login details in both the portal and app.


Online Learning Agreement step-by-step:


1. Register with the portal or app

2. Fill out all the mandatory fields


3. Sending institution


Please fill in the coordinator that is responsible for your learning agreement at your home university


4. Receiving institution

Name phone email title
Jutta Lankinen +358 449 8364 International Education Specialist


5. Proposed Mobility Programme

Fill in the courses you would like to take. The courses can be found here.

Planned period

Autumn semester 31.8. - 18.12.2020

Spring semeter 4.1. - 28.5.2021


6. Responsible person

Fill in the contact persons information who are responsible of your Learning Agreement at your home university and receiving institution ( point 2 and 3).


7. Commitment

After filling out all information, please make sure to sign and send Learning Agreement to the next coordinator.

7.1 The Online Learning Agreement is first sent to the responsible person of your home institution, who can accept and confirm it by signing it, or decline the Learning Agreement if certain changes are needed.

7.2. Finally the Online Learning Agreement is sent to the reponsible person at your receiving/host institution, who as well can either decline it for changes or confirm the course selection.



You can print out your Learning Agreement from the system after each time it has been signed by one of the three parties (the student, responsible person at sending institution or responsible person at receiving institution).


Before the Mobility


This part of the LA has to be filled before the exchange with the courses you are planning to take. These courses can be found here. Please note that your final selection of courses needs to be adpoted to the real course selection after your arrival to Vaasa.


During the Mobility

This part of the LA has to be filled with the actual courses you have registered to during your exchange. Here you adopt to the final selection of courses of your study plan.