Studies for Exchange Students

We offer studies for exchange students on both bachelor and master levels in all our schools.

Students are able to choose courses from the appropriate field they are coming from. Not all courses mentioned below are open for all exchange students (study field restrictions and levels).

As of academic year 2018-2019, exchange students are placed in the Schools (fields) based on the agreements with their home universities. From that field and appropriate study level, they can choose courses freely. The exchange students can often also choose courses from the other fields based on their academic interests and needs. There are some restrictions on that, especially in business studies. Please check either from your home university or from Mobility Services at UniVaasa on what the agreement is in your case.


  • Business Studies
  • Administrative Social Sciences
  • Communication and Languages
  • Technology / ICT / Industrial Management

When choosing courses from the course selection, please note that in order to take courses on master level, the student should be on master level in the appropriate field.

Please note that there may be changes in the course selection annually.

COURSES 2019-2020:

Business Studies

Administrative Social Sciences

Technology / ICT / Industrial Management

In addition to the above mentioned studies, we also offer courses in Information, Communication and Automation Technology, Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology. Information on these studies can be found in this section:



Business Studies:

Adm. Social Sciences, Communication & Languages:

Technology (including Industrial Management and ICT):

Some of the courses that are available for exchange students are normally not taught in English, but exchange students have a possibility to complete those courses in English with independent studying.


For information on the basic language courses we offer for exchange students, please visit the section: Basic Language Courses
The Language Centre also offers exchange students basic language courses as well as places in a selection of other language courses.


The University of Vaasa is part of the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies. Also exchange students can participate in the different online courses in Asian studies. Course offer should be checked directly from the network's official website. Registration period is stated online and will be announced via the information channel of the Mobility Services (INTO-list). These studies are open for all exchange students regardless of study fields.