Doctoral Dissertation

For a doctorate degree, the candidate must complete the required doctoral studies, take an independent and critical approach to the research field, as well as prepare a doctoral dissertation and defend it in public.

The doctoral dissertation is a research based on independent scientific work, and it is examined in the public defence of a doctoral dissertation. In the Doctoral Programme in Technical Sciences, a doctoral dissertation may either be a monograph or a so-called compilation dissertation. A monograph is a product of independent research work, and it is written by the researcher. The compilation dissertation may consist of articles or essays.

An article-based doctoral dissertation consists of at least three (3) independent scientific publications or manuscripts accepted for publication covering the same research problem or problems, and their summary. The articles must be published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed, i.e. refereed journal or conference. If necessary, also other articles without peer review can be included in the dissertation if they support the overall aim of the work. The summary must present the objectives, methods and results of the research. The summary may also contain new results and discussion not included in the original articles. The articles constitute the material for the summary, and the material is commented, supplemented, and evaluated from the perspective of the time the summary is written. In the conclusions, a more thorough analysis of the topic may be given through the results of the articles. The aim is to create a summary section which is more than merely a repetition of the included articles.

An essay-based doctorate dissertation consists of an introduction and at least four scientific manuscripts presenting and discussing the joint research question or questions. The manuscripts must be independent unities which can be published and may be submitted to a distinguished refereed publication.  The essays must have been presented in applicable conferences or workshops of the discipline.

The publication intended to be an essay-based doctorate dissertation must contain a summary of the articles presenting the research problem, objectives, methods, material, and results, as well the position in and contribution to the research area.

Both the article-based doctorate dissertation and the essay-based doctorate dissertation may consist of joint publications if the independent contribution of the doctoral candidate can be clearly indicated in them. In this case, the doctoral candidate must submit a written statement of his/her independent contribution when the manuscript intended to be a doctorate dissertation is submitted for pre-examination. The statement must contain an approval from the other authors.  In addition, the independent contribution of the doctoral candidate must be presented in a reasonable way in the Introduction of the doctoral dissertation.

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