Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies consist of general scientific studies and studies in the research field. The doctoral candidate and the supervisor agree on the studies to be included in the doctorate or licentiate degree in the study plan for doctoral studies. The studies are planned in a way that they support both the research work and the career plans of the student.

Studies included in doctorate or licentiate degrees are assessed as Pass or Fail. Passed studies may also be assessed with a five-step grading scale from 1 to 5 in which grade 1 equals sufficient, 2 equals satisfactory, 3 equals good, 4 equals very good, and 5 equals excellent. The use of five-step grading scale is acceptable in a doctoral course if the assessment is based on an examination or personally prepared written work. It is possible to include also other forms of study attainments in the doctoral studies. These other forms are described in more detail in the following sections, and they are assessed always only as Pass/Fail. When evaluating the scope of study attainments, the work load is converted into ECTS credits in which one ECTS equals 27 hours of work by the student. Scientific doctoral studies are specified in personal study plan which is created and agreed on together with the supervisor.

Progress in studies is followed regularly each year. Doctoral studies must be completed by the time the dissertation is submitted for pre-examination.