Licentiate Degree

A licentiate degree consists of the same theoretical studies as the doctorate degree. In addition to the studies, a licentiate thesis is required. The total scope of a licentiate degree is 150 ECTS, and the estimated length of the degree is approximately two and a half years.

The licentiate thesis must show that the student is conversant with the theories in the relevant field of research and is able to apply the scientific methods to the work independently and critically.

An acceptable licentiate thesis may either be a one single research (monograph) or a so-called compilation licentiate thesis. A compilation licentiate thesis consists of at least two scientific publications or manuscripts accepted for publication with a relevant subject matter and a summary of these publications (article-based licentiate thesis) or at least three scientific manuscripts with a similar topic and a summary of these manuscripts (essay-based licentiate thesis). As for other instructions and regulations, the instructions for compilation doctoral dissertations are applied also to the compilation licentiate theses. Students accepted for a Doctor of Philosophy degree cannot complete a Licentiate of Philosophy degree.

Licentiate thesis is assessed with the scale Pass or Fail.

Writing guidelines of the Faculty of Technology are to be applied to the licentiate thesis. The licentiate thesis is bound in marble blue hard covers. For more information, please contact the study administration.