Curricula of major subjects

The faculty accepts the curricula for postgraduate degrees mostly for the term of two years at a time. The studies are specified in the personal study plan (PSP) with the supervisor. The personal study plan is made in accordance with the structure of the target degree. The study plan must be updated annually, and it is used to follow progress in studies.

Automation Technology

Energy Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Information Systems Science (ISS)

Computer Science

Telecommunication Engineering

Industrial Management

Mathematical Sciences

Transfer Regulations

The new structures and curricula of doctorate and licentiate degrees come into force as of 1 August 2013. Doctoral students enrolled before 1 August 2013 may comply with the previous Degree Regulations until 31 July 2014. However, the grading scale shall be applied to all doctoral students as of 1 August 2013.

Doctoral students who enrolled before 1 August 2013 and who prefer following the degree requirements consisting of 40 ECTS of studies shall update their study plan with their supervisors to meet the new degree requirements.